Sidi Rubber Heel replacement for Carbon Soles

In this article I will review the Sidi Rubber Heel Replacement for Carbon Soles of the Sidi Wire SP shoes. It was time to put a pair of new replaceable heel pads on the 2015 Sidi Wire SP shoes (in 2023). So after 8 years of time I needed to purchase some spare parts, and extend the life of my road bike slippers.

Sidi Replaceable Heel Pad from Polyurethane that protects the Carbon Soles

On the Sidi Wire 2 product page you can read the following description of one of the features.

For walkability, Sidi cycling shoes include a replaceable polyurethane heel pad. Sidi Wire heel pad […] is very light.

WIRE 2 CARBON – Road Shoes – Sidi

Because of the perfect fit for a narrow foot, I’m a huge fan of Sidi Sport cycling shoes, especially in combination with the Solestar Kontrol insoles. Given the fact that all spare parts are available for a long period, you can both customize your Sidi Cycling shoes and extend the lifetime of a shoe, even when you crash. Except for the carbon sole itself, you can replace almost everything. This makes it a solid long term investment.

All described items -including the heel pad- are fully replaceable. Easy when you crash or break some parts during training. However you can also use this to customize the shoes.

Sidi Wire SP shoes review – Speedplay Carbon Sole –

After 8 years of use it was time to replace the polyurethane heel pad on the 2015 Sidi Wire SP shoes that use as my primary training shoes.

Installation steps of Sidi Rubber Heel Replacement for Carbon Soles

The below steps provide guidance in how to replace the Sidi Rubber Heel Pad.

  1. Use a PH2 precision bit with a 1/4″ bitholder or a PH2 screwdriver, to loosen the bolt that keeps the Sidi Rubber Heel pad in place. Make sure to apply enough pressure on the bolt head. Please note the Hazet 2262 screwdriver is my best friend for this task.
  2. Clean the Sidi Carbon Sole from any dirt with a piece of cloth (and when needed some degreaser);
  3. Apply some Dynamic Carbon Assembly Paste (with micro pearls) on the backside of the Sidi Rubber Heel Replacement (or the carbon sole);
  4. Put the replaceable heel pad in its place with help of the guiding pins (see picture 9187 above). It is like putting a puzzle piece in its place;
  5. Apply a bit of Morgan Blue Aquaproof Paste of Weldtite TF2 Lithium Grease on the bolt thread;
  6. Tighten the bolts (and torque to specification, when you feel this is needed);
  7. Remove the redundant Dynamic Carbon Assembly Paste with a piece of cloth;

You are good to go … and the 2015 Sidi Wire SP shoes can enjoy many more rides (with coffee stops).

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

The price-point of Sidi Rubber Heel Replacement for Carbon Soles with item# 10190167 is € 5,90. A very reasonable price to keep the carbon soles protect from wear and it extends the lifespan of your shoes with many more kilometers. And please note cycling shoes are not for intensive walking, and after 8 years it was now time to replace the heel pads and invest € 6,00.

On the Sidi Drako 2 SRS Carbon Matt Mountain Bike Shoes the Rubber Parts of complete SRS Carbon Sole can be replaced. So the same “almost everything can be replaced” is also applicable for the Sidi Sports Mountain Bike shoes.

I have purchased 2 sets of the Sidi Rubber Heel Replacement for Carbon Soles with item# 10190167 to keep the two pairs of Sidi Wire SP shoes going for a long time.

  • Have you ever installed the Sidi Rubber Heel Replacement on the Sidi Sport Road Shoes ?
  • Have you customized your Sidi Cycling Shoes by adding different colors to your shoes ?

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2 thoughts on “Sidi Rubber Heel replacement for Carbon Soles”

    • Hi JT,

      A great many thanks for the excellent question. Personally I couldn’t find it on the Sidi Sports product page, but I’ve reached out to them as well.

      Personally I have used the Hazet 2262 screwdriver to apply enough pressure on the bolt head while hand-tightening the bolt. The guiding pins keep the Rubber Heel replacement snapped in place, while the bolt thread keeps it in its place (even with low torque). The Dynamic Carbon Assembly Paste (with micro pearls) and Morgan Blue Aquaproof Paste make sure you can go with lower torque values. But when I installed the rubber heels, the putting enough pressure on the bolt head was important (more important than the torque value).

      As a reference, the Wahoo Speedplay Zero:
      Baseplate Recommended tightening torque: 4 Nm
      Protector Plate Screws Recommended tightening torque: 2.5 Nm

      Hope this helps, and if I receive information from Sidi Customer Support, I’ll post it here.

      // Remo


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