Hazet 2262 Screwdriver with bit holder and storage compartment

In this article I will briefly review the Hazet 2262 screwdriver with 1/4″ bitholder tip and storage compartment for 5 bits. I use the Hazet 2262 in combination with my PB Swiss Tools box of precision bits.

If I manuall want to tighten or loosen bolts or screw, the Hazet 2262 is my default tool to go to.


In this section I will go through the overall design of the bitholder and zoom in on a couple of interesting design details. For me the reason why I use this Hazet screwdriver / bitholder most is the


On of the unique characteristics of the Hazet 2262 Screwdriver with 1/4″ bitholder is the hidden bit compartment in the triangle shaped handle. You can see the cap (same material as the grip) which you can pull out and turn open. Same steps but backwards are needed to close to compartment with the bits stored inside.

You can store 5 1/4″ bits in it, but I have my PB Swiss Tools or Wera (Diamond / Impact) bits in their storage boxes to have them organized per category (torcx, philips, pozdrive, hex, etc.).Having this bit structure in a box is convenient for me, so in practice I never use the compartment


On of the huge advantages of the triangle-shaped handle is the fact that it can’t roll of a table or workbench. It will simply be still on the flat side of the triangle.

However ergonomically it is super clever as well. While the backside of the compartment rests in the palm of your hand and thumb rests on the ridge of arc-part section of the handle, and the index-finger wraps around the triangle edge in the arc-section, the three other fingers wrap around one of the edges on the triangle section.

So the grip in the palm of your hand, the positioning of the fingers and the rough surface of the handle allow you to put in a fair amount of torque !


We all know that Hazet is a well established German Tool brand. And while I have a couple of Hazet ratchets, the most used tool is the Hazet 2262 Screwdriver with 1/4″ bit holder.

It is the triangle-shaped handle that is grippy and extremely powerful. The Hazet 2262 is one of the very best bitholders I own. When you need to hand-tighten bolts with a fine amount of feeling or when high torque is required without using a battery powered machine like the Bosch Professional GSR 12V-15, than the Hazet can’t be beaten.

The Hazet 2262 is officially not sold anymore by Hazet but can still be found online for the price-point of $ 25,–. The Hazet 810SPC-6.3 Bit Holder has some of the features but a different blade and no compartment. You can buy the Hazet 810SPC-6.3 Bit Holder for about € 15,–.

Looking for a superb value for money alternative? Than check out the S&R Screwdriver with 1/4″ magnetic bit holder.

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What screwdriver with bit holder are you using ?

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