Elite Jet Water Bottle review

In this article I’ll share my thoughts on the Elite Jet water bottle, the latest addition to the Elite Water Bottle family. I will have a look at some (technical) design details.

As a huge fan of the Elite Fly water bottles, I’ll compare it with the Elite Fly, the older Elite Corsa and also with the Assos Water Bottle.

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Elite welcomes a new special bottle model in its cycling range, the JET, made in biodegradable plastic material. Available in four sizes so it adapts to any of your hydration needs on your bicycle (350, 550, 750 and 950 ml), the JET combines the best in quality and performance of the most appreciated Elite bottles such as lightnesscopious liquid flow and tasteless nozzle, all the while integrating the use of biodegradable plastic material to lessen the environmental impact of the bottle.

The description from the Elite Jet product page already gives a lot of technical features. When you hold the Elite Jet you immediately notice the same nozzle as the Elite Fly (Team) water bottles.

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In addition to the Jet branding and the capacity of 550 ml you directly notice the text: “Change your ride” together with a couple of key features listed below:

  • Racing Bottle;
  • Dishwasher Safe;
  • Speed Drink;
  • BPA Free;
  • Biodegradable;

As you can see in the picture I’ve ordered the yellow Elite Jet. On the opposite side of the branding there is a transparent vertical line, with the remaining capacity and a couple of markerrs per 100 ml. or per 4 oz. So even when you order non-transparent versions you can still see the remaining level of Amacx Istonic sportsdrink in your water bottle.

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The Elite Jet bottle material feels a little more rigid. Less flexible and even thicker than the Elite Fly water bottles. When you squeeze the Elite Jet it really feels like the Elite Corsa water bottle.

The Elite Jet features the same nozzle as the Elite Fly water bottles. Personally I really like that nozzle. It is larger and easier to use on my road bike in comparison to the nozzle of the older Elite Corsa water bottles.

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The Elite Corsa and Elite Jet feature the same bottle opening diameter. I’ve tested that by not just checking the technical details (thank you Elite for sharing these information sheets) but also by simply switching the caps. The result the Jet cap fits the Corsa bottle and visa versa. 🙂

Elite JetAssoss CyclistElite Fly TeamElite Corsa
Weight Cap24132038
Weight Bottle52323454

When we do a weight comparison for the 550 ml models, you can directly see that the weight of the Elite Jet tends more towards the Elite Corsa water bottle. This of course makes sense.

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The Elite Jet is the latest water bottle family in the Elite product range. In my personally view the design combines Elite Corsa and Elite Fly design details, resulting in a slightly cheaper price point for the Elite Jet bottles.

I purchased the yellow 550 ml version of this Elite Jet for € 3,50, while now all colors cost € 4,06 at Bike Components. The Elite Fly water bottles in 550 ml vary from € 4,06 to € 5,59. So from a price point perspective both water bottle families are close !

The Elite Jet is a no-nonsense water bottle, while slightly heavier than the Elite Fly water bottles, the wall thickness of the Elite Jet is slightly thicker and probably more durable as testing will continue. It inherits a lot of the good design details from the Elite Corsa water bottles combined with the Elite Fly nozzle.

What water bottles are you using and why ?

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