Futurum 4 Seasons II Merino Cycling Socks

In this article I will review the Futurum 4 seasons II Merino Cycling Socks. I’m very pleased with the Futurum 4 Seasons thermoshirt (with long and short sleeves) that are my go to base layer when hiking. So having a pair of Merino cycling socks for the autumn and winter period was the goal. I will try to compare with my Assos and GripGrab socks in terms of fit and warmth.

Futurum 4 seasons II Merino Cycling Socks

On the Futurum Merino Cycling Socks product page you can read a solid product description:

“The Futurum 4 Seasons Cycling Socks II Merino have been developed with an eye for detail. Due to the addition of polyamide, the socks are extremely strong and, in combination with the merino wool, they offer unparalleled wearing comfort. Merino wool is known as the best wool in the world and […] is self-cleaning and moisture-regulating, so you keep a comfortable and fresh feeling. These socks can be worn in any season. In the cold, your feet are kept warm, while the socks provide a pleasantly cool feeling in the summer. The socks fit perfectly and have flat seams so that they do not irritate in the shoes.”

As said I’ve purchased a pair in autumn to keep my feet warm in the Sidi Drako 2 SRS Carbon Matt Mountain Bike Shoes. They give some form of compression just like I experience with my Assos Equipe cycling socks, however the Futurum 4 Seasons are a bit thicker in material, more like the spring and autumn cycling socks from Assos. So lets have a look at some key specifications …

Specifications FUTURUM 4 SEASONS II Merino Cycling Socks

  • Comfortable socks for every season
  • Made from high-quality merino wool
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial
  • Heel and toe reinforced with polyamide to prevent wear and tear
  • Flat seams to prevent irritation
  • Material: 51% Merino Wool, 45% Polyamide, 4% Elastane
  • Lifetime FUTURUM warranty

I’ve also tested the Futurum 4 Seasons Cycling Socks with the Mammut Sertig II Low GTX shoes with Solestar Active insoles. They are comfortable to wear on a daily basis as well, I personally like the fact that these socks are a bit thicker, and until now the polyamide addition makes these more resistant to wear than regular sneaker socks. And the use of Merino wool makes these Futurum cycling socks “less sweaty” and more comfortable.

Lifetime Futurum warranty is an interesting item on the specification list. I expect it to be applicable to production and fabrication errors/defects, not on the normal tear and wear or mis-treatment. While more organizations are using this lifetime warranty claim, we should keep common sense.


In the Netherlands Futurum is probably best known from FurturumShop, a webshop for cycling-, running- and triathlon products.

FuturumShop.nl BV has its head office and warehouse in Apeldoorn and will open a FuturumClub in the center of Apeldoorn in mid-2024. Internationally, we can be found through www.futurumshop.de with the branch in Emmerich, Germany and www.futurum.cc, the international website of clothing brand FUTURUM. In total, more than 50 people work for FuturumShop.

However it is more than just an onlineshop for multi-sports products. Futurum is also a clothing brand for cyclists with timeless designs and focus on sustainability, use of re-usable products and a well-thought out philosophy, that you can read about in a blogpost: Philosophy Futurum – Looking to the future.

FYTS (sounds like the Dutch word fiets) is also cycling clothing brand, designed in the Netherlands. The fun-fact to be aware of here is that the production is being done in the Netherlands, lowering the environmental impact of transportation out of Asia to Western Europe.

XAND products are developed by the product developers of Futurum. In other words, it is the own accessory brand of Futurum(Shop) from which I own a waterproof saddlebag emergency repair parts free from dirt on my mountainbike.

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

Futurum 4 seasons II Merino Cycling Socks are a great addition to your collection (on and off the bike). The amount of compression is noticeable, while a mix of comfort and warmth make it a perfect allround sock. In the really warm summer days I will most likely switch to my Assos cycling socks.

The price point of the Futurum 4 seasons II Merino Cycling Socks is now € 9,00 per pair (3 pairs for € 27,00) which is reasonable for the value they bring to me. I’ve purchased a set in black and a set in grey.

Please not that the packaging of the socks is influenced by sustainability and environmental friendliness (also a durable option in the shipping options). So overall I like the philosophy of Futurum as well as the quality and value of the Futurum 4 seasons II Merino Cycling Socks.

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