Sockeloen Recycled White Socks Bundle

In this article I will review the Sockeloen Recycled White Socks Bundle from Jasper Ockeloen’s own company. I will try to share my thoughts (not scientific) and try to highlight the key differences from this sock-guru’s products. Sockeloen Aero Socks are used by cycling world champion Mathieu van der Poel.

Key features Sockeloen recycled white socks bundle

On the Recycled White Socks Bundle product page you can read:

Shaved legs. A clean, shiny bike. A waxed necklace. There is only 1 thing missing in the perfect match preparation. Fresh white socks. These socks are made from recycled polyester. So you can put on fresh socks every time you need to. This bundle consists of 8 pairs of socks. In size 36-42 a height of 17cm and in size 43-48 a height of 19cm.

While it might sound cheezy, but exactly this is what happens in summer time when you have some tan lines on your legs. Putting on some white socks with white Sidi Wire SP shoes so that the less tanned legs will look more tanned. 🙂 Off-road I tend to go for black ones, given the dirty conditions for offroad riding.

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I’m using multiple brands and multiple brands of socks like Assos, GripGrab, Castelli and even Falke. All are good quality socks, but non of these brands has a 100% focus on just producing socks like Sockeloen. This maniacal focus on crafting the best socks out there is why world tour riders reach out to Jasper Ockeloen for socks with (marginal) gains that make them faster.

When you start read the blogpost “Fastest Sock On The Planet” you will see how the Sockeloen team is working with TU Eindhoven for actual testing with different conditions and materials to get the fastest sock on the planet (at different speeds). I’m trying to get my hands on the report of TU Eindhoven. 🙂

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Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

The Sockeloen Recycled White Socks Bundle comes at a price-point of € 99,00 which translates into less than € 12,50 per pair of socks. This is cheap if you compare it with the brands Assos, GripGrab, Castelli, Falke and others.

In addition to this superb value you also get socks with a perfect cuff (that sock part from where it all started for Sockeloen), while also contributing to a sustainable planet because recycled polyester is used.

If you are moving into the league of Mathieu van der Poel where you really need the aero gains than you cannot go around the Sockeloen Aero Socks 3 pack for the price-point of € 99,00 which translates into less than € 33,00 per pair of aero socks. Or when you are more into the gravel riding Sockeloen also offers merino socks. Please check out the Spotify interview below to learn more about the design details of these merino socks.

  • Did you try Sockeloen cycling socks as well ?
  • Did you try the Sockeloen Aero Socks ?
  • What is the maximum price point you are willing to pay for a pair cycling socks ?

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About Sockeloen

Jasper Ockeloen was – and is – one of those riders with a sock fetish. One of those countless riders for whom the socks have to have exactly that one color, that one design and made of that one material. They shouldn’t be too low, but they shouldn’t be too high either. Not too tight and not too loose, not too thick and not too thin

Quality is the top priority and socks will continue to be developed. With new materials and techniques, but also by improving the production process.

Sockeloen Custom is more than just a pair of socks. […] Socks with custom packaging as a marketing tool for large companies. You name it and we can do it, want it and make it.

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