Prototipo Works Ultra Low Bidon Cage Bolt

In this article I will review the Prototipo Works (Ultra) Low Bidon Cage Bolts that keep the Elite Rocko Carbon water bottle cages secure on my Scott Scale 925 mountain bike. I will furthermore try to compare the Prototipo Works bolts with the titanium bolts I’ve used with the Tune Wassertrager 2.0 cages on my Canyon Roadbike.

Finally I’ll have a look as other Prototipo Works products like the under flush bolts, Presta to Schrader Valve Adaptor and Alloy Presta Valve Caps.

Key Features Prototipo Works (Ultra) Low Bidon (Bottle) Cage Bolts

On the Prototipo product page you can read that:

[…] Australian Made Low, slim and discreet neat 316 Stainless Steel finishing touches. Improvements include diamond burnished heads and a super strong cold formed rolled thread. Our Low Bidon (Bottle) Cage Bolts feature a slightly larger diameter head and an integrated flange that helps distribute their individual clamping force over a wider area (compared to our Ultra Low’s ). Available in our range of high performance Titanium coatings and colour options; Silver, Charcoal, Sedona, Champagne and Gold. Can be used with or without bidon cages, in fork leg cage/accessory mounts, M5 friction shifter mounts and select cable guides.

(FAQ Size Info: Head diameter 10.0mm, Effective thread length 8.3mm.)

I’m happy with the Elite Rocko Carbon water bottle cages on the Scott Scale 925 mountain bike. Friendly priced compared to the lightweight 9 grams Tune Wasserträger 2.0 cages. However back in the days when I crafted the Wassertrager review, I did upgraded the aluminum bolts with a set of titanium bolts 6AL-4V grade 5 with measurements M5 x 12 mm. Although lightweight, just a simple rounded head for a hex-key.

The Prototipo Works (ultra) low bottle cage bolts are engineering master pieces, compared to the stock bolts or even the titanium bolts. This beautiful design makes my mechanical engineering heart beat faster, it is almost looking like art. But the eye for detail goes beyond the design, packaging is also very well thought out.

The bidon bottle cage bolts come in a cardboard cylinder, and if you open the paper cover on the top or bottom, than you will get a pair of bolts in your hands. Each bolt is wrapped in a small piece of thin paper, like you would wrap around a wine glass. So the feeling you get is pure quality and well thought out in terms of customer experience.

Scott Scale 925 1x 12 speed – Prototipo Works Low Bidon Cage Bolts “hack”

The Scott Scale 925 has a Shimano Deore XT M8100 1x 12 speed set-up so no front derailleur. When the bike arrived a simple plastic cap has been put into the derailleur bolt holes. After a couple of rainy and muddy rides in the Netherlands, the dirt could find its way behind the plastic cap into the threads (when I removed the cap).

The Prototipo Works Low Bidon Cage Bolts are again my best friend here. Putting some Morgan Blue Aquaproof paste behind the bolt head, to keep all the water out, while applying Weldtite TF2 Lithium Grease on the bolt thread to smoothly tighten the bolts. For me this a way more robust solution that is better looking as well.

Under Flush Bidon Cage Boss Blanks Prototipo Works

Another option for the Scott Scale 925 scenario from above is using the Prototipo Works Under Flush Bidon Cage Boss Blanks, available in various heads (hex key) and lengths. Please read the product description below from the Prototipo Works website:

Neatly blank off those unused bidon cage mount holes. Helps stop mud and debris from entering your frame through those open, unused mounts. A perfect finishing touch for your frame if you’re creating a clean bidon cage free look.

3 sizes to choose from ensuring a perfect fit and showcase your high attention to detail.

  • 5.0mm Diameter Head V1 – 1.5mm Tall Head, 2.5mm Hex.
  • 5.0mm Diameter Head V2 – 2.5mm Tall Head, 3.0mm Hex.
  • 5.5mm Diameter Head V3 – 2.9mm Tall Head, 3.0mm Hex.

This is an even more clean and great looking solution when you want to get rid of the plastic caps. When you look at gravel bikes, suitable for bike-packing than there are a lot of mounting options available on a bike frame.

I personally would use a combination of the Low Bidon Cage Bolts and Under Flush Bidon Cage Boss Blanks, to have the most durable and protective option. The added weight I would be happy to have, given the mud in threads experience on the Scott Scale.

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

Prototipo Works provides high quality engineering products, not just simple bolts, but well thought out, well designed and produced with superb quality.

The price point of the original low bidon cage bolt in silver polished finish is $ 9,95 for (2 pieces in a cardboard cylinder). You can also get different finishes that are slightly more expensive, for example titanium coating finish with a price-point of $ 14,95.

If you compare the ugly big headed bolts you get default on your bike with these engineering master pieces, you will switch to the Prototipo Works bolts because it looks so much better on you bike. But also functionally the larger diameter but low bolt heads are so much better. The Scott Scale 925 front derailleur “hack” is probably the best testament.

With a Canyon Grizl CF SL 8 in the plans, I will certainly use the Prototipo Works Low Bidon Cage Bolts and Under Flush Bidon Cage Boss Blanks, to get rid of the plastic and rubber covers.

  • Are you using any “special” water bottle cage bolts? If so which ones?
  • How likely would you buy the Prototipo Works bolts (and other products)?

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