Wahoo Tickr X review – Heart Rate Monitor with Motion Analytics

The Wahoo Tickr X is a heart rate sensor that was used by team Sky in the 2016 Tour de France stages (in the Pyrenees, the  jerseys are wide open).

The Tickr X is Wahoo’s flagship heart rate monitor featuring dual band ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless capabilities. The build-in memory can record up to 16 hours of training. The Wahoo Tickr X can be connected to almost every iPhone or Android smartphone, but also a wide range of tablets and ANT+ enabled devices like for example cycling computers.

Personally I used the Wahoo Tickr X in combination with my Pioneer Pedaling Monitor System (SGX-CA 500 computer, Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Stealth Edition and SGY-910HL  power meter).

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Jumbo Foodcoach App – Build your own nutrition plan for cycling and running

Jumbo a Dutch supermarket and sponsor of the Jumbo-Visma Cycling team who are competing in Le Tour de France 2020, released the Jumbo Foodcoach App.

The Foodcoach App helps you to customize and build your own nutrition plan. For now only cycling and running are supported, while team-sports and fitness are in development.

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Core Body Temperature Monitor review

In this article I will write down my experiences with the CORE Body Temperature Monitor and the CORE App for Google Android as complete and accurate as possible.

This relative new sensor is seen on the World Tour road racing level and also with other professional athletes on their way to the hot and humid Tokyo Olympics in 2021. But also Filippo Ganna and Team INEOS used the CORE sensor to beat the UCI Hour Record.

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Renpho Smart Scale syncs metrics via Fitbit API to TrainingPeaks

In this article I will review the Renpho Smart Scale the syncs my weight and other metrics to TrainingPeaks with help of Fitbit. Fitbit has excellent API’s so it acts as a platform gateway to TrainingPeaks.

So this gives you a cost effective and simple 3-step solution to get weight metrics automatically in TrainingPeaks, instead of manually entering your weight.

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The Secret of Cycling – Vroemen, Van Dijk, Van Megen

The Secret of Cycling – Maximum Performance Gains Through Effective Power Metering and Training Analysis is the latest book of Guido Vroemen, Hans van Dijk and Ron van Megen.

These authors also wrote two interesting book in Dutch “Het Geheim van Wielrennen” and “Hardlopen met Power!” that discuss training methodology and scientific models which estimate performance for cycling and running.

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Lifeline Indoor Trainer Desk – The perfect Tacx Neo Companion

The Lifeline Indoor Trainer desk is a must have accessory for cyclists that like the efficiency of training on a Tacx Neo Smart Trainer or simply enjoy riding on Zwift with their friends. The Lifeline Indoor Trainer desk is a Wahoo Kickr Cycling Desk alternative. And I will share my experiences from over a year of use.

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Shimano Connect Lab to Replace Pioneer Cyclo Sphere

Shimano Connect Lab is the Shimano Webservice to replace Pioneer Cyclo Sphere, the backend for Pioneer’s Pedaling Monitor System, that is launched on 30-06-2021.

In this article I will look back at Pioneer’s announcement that Shimano would buy the power meter business, and will look into the data migration and details of the Shimano Webservice.

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