Sidi Wire SP shoes review – Speedplay Carbon Sole

Sidi Wire SP cycling shoes are basically the normal Sidi Wire shoes with a Speedplay specific carbon sole that has the 4 bolt pattern integrated. Compared to the normal 3 bolt patterns of carbon soles (Look or SPD cleats) no base-plate is needed to install Speedplay (Walkable) cleats.

In this article I will share my experiences with the Sidi Wire SP shoes and zoom in on some of the unique design features.

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Solestar Kontrol BLK Cycling Insoles

Solestar Kontrol BLK Cycling Insoles 6599

Solestar Kontrol BLK cycling insoles, with patented stabilization delta, perfectly fit my Sidi Wire Speedplay shoes, stabilize my feet and keep them locked into position.

In this article I will look at the innovative design of the Solestar insoles and share my own practical ride experiences. I will compare the Solestar Kontrol BLK insoles with the stock Sidi Wire insoles and the Specialized BG fit insoles.

Finally I will share a brief overview of the other Solestar cycling insoles.

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Oakley Radar EV Path Prizm Road

The Oakley Radar EV Path Prizm Road has become my preferred set of cycling glasses for almost all weather conditions. Having used mostly Oakley M-Frame models as of the early 1990’s this Oakley Radar EV version made me smile, providing a better view than the original Oakley Radar.

I will briefly look at the design, and share my thoughts on the Prizm Road lens that perfectly complements this high quality glasses.

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