PowerBar Energize Original Energy Bar

In this article I will share my thoughts on the PowerBar Energize Original Energy Bar, which is one of my favorite energy bars that is also excellent in warm weather conditions.

I have reviewed other energy bars on this website like the Win2 Energy Bar with Chia seeds, but the PowerBar Original Energy Bar is great for multiple sports and weather conditions.


“PowerBar developed the world’s first carbohydrate bar in 1986. The original Energize bar is a great carbohydrate choice in solid form, yet still easy to chew. With C2MAX it provides a scientifically developed carbohydrate mix with a 2:1 ratio of glucose and fructose sources, as well as sodium and magnesium to support your mineral balance.”

The PowerBar Energize Original has a sightly flatter shape than the PowerBar Ride Energy bars that are more rectangular shaped.

As highlighted in the product description from the PowerBar website, this original Energize bar has a sold form, but is easy to chew and digest. There is no chocolate or cereals included which result in the solid form and make it the preferred choice for warm weather. While the shaped deforms, the solid structure stays, while chocolate based energy bars tend to get a messy result in warm summer days.

I’m using the PowerBar Energize Original with banana punch flavor for cycling, hiking and running. As you can see in the table below a 55 gram bar consist of a lot of energy, per 100 grams the PowerBar Energize Original fuels you with 1560 kJ. The Win2 Energy bar has a total energy of 1955 kJ per 100 grams, while the PowerBar Ride energy has 1706 kJ per 100 grams

Energy kJ (kcal)1560 (368)859 (203)
Fat4,0 g2,2 g
of which saturates0,6 g0,3 g
Carbohydrate72 g39 g
of which sugars43 g23 g
Fibre2,0 g1,1 g
Protein11 g5,8 g
Salt0,95 g0,53 g
Magnesium138 mg (37%*)76,1 mg (20%*)
Sodium380 mg210 mg

One could argue the differences in total energy, but I’m happy to trade off the solid form and easy digestion in my stomach. 🙂


The PowerBar Energize Original Energy Bar in banana punch flavor is one of my very favorite energy bars. While it can slightly loose its bar shape due to the heat, it simply doesn’t get a mess like many of the chocolate wrapped energy bars.

Even thought the PowerBar Ride Energy in peanut caramel flavor is certainly another favorite, but in warm weather the chocolate makes it a mess for your hands. The Win2 Energy Bar with Chia seeds also doesn’t melt and is slightly smaller, but I feel that the PowerBar Energize Original has a more solid form, even with 30 degrees.

The price-point of the PowerBar Energize Original Energy Bar in banana punch flavor is around € 1,50 – € 2,50 depending on the volume you purchase. I tend to go for a box with 25 Energy Bars. The price-point of that is around € 40,00.

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What Energy Bars are you using for your sports activities ?

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