Jumbo Foodcoach App – Build your own nutrition plan for cycling and running

Jumbo a Dutch supermarket and sponsor of the Jumbo-Visma Cycling team who are competing in Le Tour de France 2020, released the Jumbo Foodcoach App.

The Foodcoach App helps you to customize and build your own nutrition plan. For now only cycling and running are supported, while team-sports and fitness are in development.

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Erdinger Alkoholfrei Weiss Bier – Isotonic Recovery drink

Erdinger Alkoholfrei Weiss Bier is apparently an excellent isotone recovery drink for cyclists after a long ride.

Tim Wiggins from Life in the Saddle, shared a scientific study under the Be-MaGIC program from the Technische Universität München that concludes: “Non-alcoholic Wheat Beer Boosts Athletes’ Health

In this article I will have a look at this study and get my hands on a can of Erdinger Alkoholfrei Weiss Bier.

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Win2 Energy Bar – Sports Nutrition with Chia Super food

I’ve ordered a Win2 Energy Bar with 500 mg of chia (a super food) from Win2 sports nutrition, just to test and compare it with the PowerBar Ride Energy Peanut Caramel bars that I have been using the last couple of years.

Win2 Sports Nutrition is a relative new Belgian brand of (cycling) sports nutrition, which collaborates with not only professional athletes but also a Nutritionist from the Academic Hospital in Gent.

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Amacx Isotonic Sports drink or Rehydration drink – Duursport.nl

Amacx Isotonic Sportdrink - Duursport.nl Brand 8657

In this article I will share my thoughts on the Amacx Isotonic Sports drink that can be mixed as an isotonic sports drink or as thirst quencher. The lemon flavored sports drink can be used before and during the exercise and the box contains 1.8 kg of powder.

Over the years I’ve tried and tested the 2:1 sports drinks from various brands: Maxim, Born Sports Care, Powerbar and some others like Skratch Labs, High5 or SIS.

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