Park Tool Emergency Tire Boot TB-2 patches

In this article I will share my thoughts on the Park Tool Emergency Tire Boot TB-2 patches, that have secured a place in the Craft Cadence Essentials Case when riding my Canyon road bike or Scott Scale 925 mountain bike.

On the road I’m riding a normal folding tire, non-disc wheelsystem, while on the mountainbike it is a tubeless ready centerlock disc wheel system.

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Wahoo Tickr X review – Heart Rate Monitor with Motion Analytics

The Wahoo Tickr X is a heart rate sensor that was used by team Sky in the 2016 Tour de France stages (in the Pyrenees, the  jerseys are wide open).

The Tickr X is Wahoo’s flagship heart rate monitor featuring dual band ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless capabilities. The build-in memory can record up to 16 hours of training. The Wahoo Tickr X can be connected to almost every iPhone or Android smartphone, but also a wide range of tablets and ANT+ enabled devices like for example cycling computers.

Personally I used the Wahoo Tickr X in combination with my Pioneer Pedaling Monitor System (SGX-CA 500 computer, Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Stealth Edition and SGY-910HL  power meter).

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Craft Cadence Backpack Rolltop – Ortlieb Velocity on steroids

In the article I will review the Craft Cadence Backpack Rolltop, which is a very versatile waterproof messenger bag with loads of cool improvements over the Ortlieb Velocity messenger bags.

Craft Cadence has a community-driven product design approach, that clearly provides valuable product iterations. I’m also using the Craft Cadence Essential case for some time, but cannot get it to show any signs of wear.

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Amacx Water Bottle Crate for Tacx Shiva Water Bottles

In this article I will briefly review the Amacx Water Bottle Crate that comes with 12 Amacx branded Tacx Shiva Water bottles of 750 ml each. I’ve purchased a water bottle crate to functionally store my Elite Fly Team and Elite Jet water bottles, which are still my preferred water bottles for on my road bike.

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Assos Water Bottle with Cyclist design

Assos Water Bottle is the new redesigned 2018 water bottle of well known clothing brand Assos. I used their old black water bottles while testing the Tune Wassertraeger 2.0 bottle cages. The Assos Water Bottle comes with a recognizable cyclist design.

In addition I will do a brief comparison with the Elite Fly Team water bottles, that I’ve reviewed a little while ago.

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