NatuSport Isotonic Sports drink Red Fruit

In this article I will share my thoughts about the NatuSport Isotonic Sports Drink in Red Fruit flavor. I will try to compare with Born Iso Pro Sports Drink and the Amacx Isotonic Sports Drink.

The NatuSport Isotonic Sports Drink also comes in orange and lemon flavors and is available in different quantities of 400 grams, 1 kg and 5 kg. so ideal for sports teams.

Key features NatuSport Isotonic Sports drink Red Fruit

In the NatuSport webshop the following product description van be found:

Natusport Isotonic Sports Drink is a new and improved version with 10% more electrolytes (minerals) than other brands to be even more effective than before. This isotonic sports drink is made to replenish carbohydrates and electrolytes lost during exercise. The light fruit flavor will surprise you without putting unnecessary strain on your stomach and other parts of your digestive system.

Good hydration is the key to sporting success. The Natusport Isotonic Sports Drink contains a mix of optimal carbohydrate solutions that can be absorbed quickly and increase the absorption of fluids during physical exertion. The sports drink has been developed for optimal hydration thanks to its isotonic formula. Thanks to this isotonic composition, this drink is absorbed into the body even faster than water. […]

NatuSport Supplements & Nutrition | Isotonic Sports Drink Red Fruit

Put 1 level scoop (= 35 grams) in a water bottle with 500 ml. of cold water or mix the contents of 1.5 scoops which equals 50 grams in a water bottle of 750 ml. Most of my Elite Fly Team and Elite Jet water bottles are 750 ml. so I need the 1.5 scoops most of the time (depending on the intensity of the training).

All NatuSport products are NZVT-certified, which is a quality certification for professional athletes reflecting the absence of prohibited substances (doping). NZVT is the acronym for “Nederlands Zekerheidssyteem Voedingssupplementen Topsport“. While I’m certainly not a professional athlete, it is good to have these quality certifications in place.

As you can read from the product description NatuSport Isotonic Sports Drink is has been developed for easy absorption of carbohydrates and a higher dose of electrolytes. When I’m on the bike a lot of the energy I need is getting from the sports drink (compared to energy bars or energy gels).

Nutritional Value NatuSport Isotonic Sports drink Red Fruit

Let’s have a look at the nutritional value of the NatuSport Isotonic Sports Drink (Red Fruit, Orange, Lemon)

Energy1547 kJ541.5 kJ
364 kcal127.4 kcal
Fat0 g.0 g.
of which saturated0 g.0 g.
Carbohydrates91 g.31.9 g.
of which sugars65 g.22.8 g.
Fibre0 g.0 g.
Proteins0 g.0 g.
Salt3.4 g.1.2 g.
Sodium1339 mg.468.7 mg.
Calcium608 mg.212.8 mg.
Magnesium358 mg.125.3 mg.
Potassium339 mg.118.7 mg.
Phosphorus268 mg.93.8 mg.
L-ornithine100 mg.35 mg.

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

The price point of NatuSport Isotonic Sports drink Red Fruit is around € 11,00 for 400 grams. Or the 1 kg refill pack will cost € 21,50 and the 5 kg. bucket will be € 90,00.

Overall I really like the red fruit taste (it has always been my preferred flavor) and it is not to sweet. In my body it doesn’t feel heavy on my stomach, which I have with some other brands. So yes it really feels that carbohydrate absorption is the cornerstone of NatuSport Sports Drinks.

Over time I will also test the NatuSport Energy Gels and NatuSport Energy Bars. And I will also have a look at their supplements. NatuSport is also a proud sponsor of the men’s club-competition from the Dutch Cycling Federation having a leaders jersey in the NatuSport colors.

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About NatuSport

As an athlete you are intensively working with your body day in and day out: eating, drinking, resting, training, performing to the maximum and recovering. It is therefore essential that your body gets all the necessary nutrients. Natusport’s unique range meets exactly that need. High-quality supplements, nutrition and care products that help both the professional athlete and the avid hobbyist to perform at their best, improve endurance and recover faster after strenuous physical exertion. With its products, Natusport focuses on both recreational athletes and top athletes. The range distinguishes itself in terms of ease of use, innovation, maximum absorption and natural composition.

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