Elite Rocko Carbon Water bottle cage

In this article I will review the Elite Rocko Carbon water bottle cages for my Scott Scale 925 mountain bike. While on my road bike I run a pair of lightweight Tune Wasserträger 2.0 Carbon Bottle Cages, I wanted to have a bottle cage with high retention, so I’ve searched for some of the bottle cages used by mountain bike professionals as well as the water bottle cages used in Paris-Roubaix. The result of my quest is a set of Elite Rocko Carbon bottle cages.


The Elite Rocko Carbon water bottle cage has a weight of 27 grams, and fits almost all water bottles of 74 mm in diameter. I have tested the following 550 ml water bottles::

All fit well, given the support arch from the Rocko Carbon that seems to hug the water bottle very tightly. However removing and inserting a water bottle is a piece of cake and works flawlessly. Given the sloping frame of the Scott Scale 925 (in size M) I can still use a pair of water bottles, because you can angle in the water bottle from the side. So overall easy access and excellent hold.

On the product page of the Elite Rocko Carbon water bottle cage you can read the following description:

Rocko Carbon is an ultra-light and resistant injection carbon fiber bottle cage with high retention capabilities, the ideal instrument to perfectly manage the bottle especially on a mountain bike and under extreme training or competition conditions, such as rocky downhills and freerides. Very resistant and practical, Rocko Carbon’s greatest strength and distinctive feature is its front and side insertion. This makes it compatible with all frames and especially on bicycles with smaller or sloping frames.


I have purchased a set of Elite Rocko Carbon water bottle cages € 53,90 (€ 26,95 for one) which makes it very reasonably priced. Tune Wasserträger 2.0 is a lightweight carbon bottle cage of only 9 grams, but at a price point of € 45,50. You almost have a set of Elite Rocko carbon bottle cages for the price of one Tune Wasserträger 2.0 bottle cage.

I think it is the perfect match for my mountain bike, that will keep my water bottles safe while speeding over some rocky single tracks.

What water bottle cages do you use on your mountain bike ?

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