PB Swiss Tools 304.4 hammer or Picard Nylon cap for SecuTec Riveting Hammer

In this article I will look at the PB Swiss Tools 304.4 hammer and compare it with a normal 500 gram hammer with a Picard nylon cap.

While there is a solid overlap in application options, the PB Swiss Tools 304.4 hammer is basically a 2-in-1 hammer with a dead blow mallet added to the table.

PB Swiss Tools 304.4 hammer design

Not every hammer is a hammer.” I’m amazed by the amount of engineering that has gone into the PB Swiss Tools 304.4 hammer design, with its innovative dead blow mallet inside.

The PB Swiss hammer has a length of 330 mm and a cap/insert diameter of 35 mm (which is basically the striking surface of the hammer head). The width of the hammerhead is 100 mm and the total weight of the hammer is 530 grams. For me this is the perfect most used and versatile option for a hammer (500 grams or 300 grams). These are also the two sizes I own from the Picard Riveting Hammer. The PB Swiss Tools 304 hammer comes in 6 different versions, which can be seen in the naming convention 304.4.

On the product page some of the unique capabilities are highlighted:

  • Combined engineer’s hammer and soft mallet with the plastic insert as a soft-faced dead-blow mallet and face with hardened steel cap, for use as an engineer’s hammer
  • Handle made of FSC® certified hickory wood, non-slip, robust and durable
  • Handle securely fastened in tube with special wedge and heavy dowel pin, but easily replaceable
  • Recoil damping due to weights in the hammer head, for firm, accurate blows without recoil

The hickory wood handles are also seen on hammers of other respectable brands like Gedore. A huge advantage is that all parts of this hammer, handle and two types of inserts can be replaced, with available spare parts.

Dead Blow Mallet Innovation for PB Swiss Tools 304 hammer

The video describes a couple of things really well.

  1. PB Swiss Tools 304.4 hammer can be used with 4 different types of inserts (plastic, steel, aluminum and copper)
  2. The replacement of the inserts is shown as well in the video;
  3. Two types of hammer handles are shown the hickory handle from the 304 series, and the fibre glass handle that is part of the PB Swiss Tools 305 hammer series.
  4. Most important you see how the dead blow mallet actually works in practice.

And when hitting a surface you can really hear and feel the working of the dead blow mallet innovation inside of the hammer head.

Picard Nylon cap for Riveting Hammer

As an alternative option to complement my current riveting hammers from Picard in 300 grams and 500 grams, you can purchase a nylon cap that you slide over the squared side of the hammer head. This minimizes the risk of damaging more sensitive bike parts (I use it for example with the bar tape inserts).

PICARD nylon cap offering protection for sensitive applications in industry and trade. Protects the workpiece and reduces the noise level.

The Picard Nylon Cap for 300 grams hammer has EAN 4016671000719 and weighs around 20 grams, which I use in combination with the respective Picard SecuTec Riveting Hammer. The Picard Nylon Cap for a 500 grams hammer has EAN 4016671000726 and comes at the weight of 50 grams.

The SecuTec protection of the handle (the hammerhead is slightly extended) and a special wedge screw is used to make sure the head is securely attached to the handle (while also protecting the handle surface just below the hammer head in case of a miss-hit). The picture below shows a cross-section of the head for a 500 grams Picard Riveting Hammer with SecuTec protection.

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

The price point of the Picard Nylon Cap for 500 gr. Hammer is around € 10,00 while the Picard Nylon Cap for 300 gr. Hammer is around € 7,00. So if you have Picard or any other normal riveting hammer, that these are simple no-brainers to go for. It makes your hammer usable in more diverse situations.

If you want to go next level and having the ability to use more versatile inserts (plastic, steel, aluminum and copper) in various shapes (rounded or flat) than you might want to opt for the PB Swiss Tools 304 or 305 hammer-series. The price point of the PB Swiss Tools 304.4 hammer is around € 58,00, but you also get the dead blow mallet innovation with it. The price point of the PB Swiss Tools 300.4 hammer (without the dead blow mallet) is around € 55,00.

You cannot go wrong with any of the options, so it is a matter of personal preference and budget. In my home garage I have both the Picard hammers (with nylon caps) and the PB Swiss Tools 304.4 which use more often than I initially expected. The aluminum and copper inserts are on my wish-list. I would simply say that PB Swiss delivered another engineering masterpiece with te 304.4 !

What hammers are you using ? Do you also have accessories for your hammer heads? If so please let me know in the comment-section below.

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