PB Swiss Tools Straight Picktool 7676.3-80 BL

The latest addition to my PB Swiss Tools collection is the Straight Picktool 7676.3-80 BL, which is advertised as ideal “for assembling and dismantling seal elements at engines, gears, brakes, air-conditioning equipment, etc.”

However for me it it is the perfect companion when changing break and shift cables, to open the inner liner. I did this job with a pointed spoke.


The straight picktool from PB might look like an awl but that is a different product category and thus a different design. Check out the picture with the red PB 635 bradawl with its ball shaped handle.

This diameter of the straight picktool is about 3 mm. (compared to 5 mm. of the medium duty bradawl). The metal part of the straight pick tool is about 80 mm. and has a 15 mm. grippy part near the handle. This allows you to hold the Straight Picktool 7676.3-80 BL between thumb and index finger and letting the handle end rest in the palm of your hand, so you can push. According to the product specification page the weight is 17 grams.


The handle length of the PB Swiss Straight is roughly 70 mm. and has roughly the same dimensions as the Wera 813 small Kraftform Kompakt handle with 1/4″ bit holder. The handle is build from the same hard plastic (with grooves) just like the classic screwdriver handles, but only in blue and with a more matt finish. Again it the handle is completely different than the PB 635 bradawl with its ball shaped handle, just to make sure we are talking about different product categories here.


When changing brake or shift cables from the SIS-type (from Shimano or Jagwire), sometimes the inner liner gets squeezed on the cutting edge. Normally I used a pointed spoke to open-up the liner and make sure the inner cable flows through easily. The tip is pointed but not sharp (as for example the spoke) The Straight Picktool from PB Swiss Tools will be used for that purpose.

The PB Swiss Tools Straight Picktool 7676.3-80 BL however is one of those all-round and helpful in many more situations. And with a price point of about € 5,00 you can’t go wrong with the investment. The Straight Picktool now fits in one of the Cocoon Grid-It organizer(s) of my Bera Clic cycling toolbox, and can be purchased from Prof-Tools.

For what type of maintenance would you use the Straight Picktool from PB Swiss Tools ? And if you are interested in other tool reviews, check out the Tools page.

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