PB Swiss Tools Torx Set – PB 411.BH 6-25

In this article I will review PB Swiss Tools Torx set with product number PB 411.BH 6-25. As you probably know I’m a fan of the PB Swiss long hex key set, and with more and more Torx bolts on bikes I simply wanted to add a high quality Torx set to my home mechanic toolbox.

For the more generic work in my garage, I have a set of Stahlwille 10771 Torx key set as well. I’ll perform a brief comparison of the Stahlwille 10771 Torx set and the PB Swiss Tools Torx set in the second part of the article.


The Torx set has the same red holder as the long hex key set from PB Swiss. It keeps the Torx L-wrenches organized ranging from TX6 – TX25.

You can see in the picture that both the tips of the Torx L-wrenches have dark brown color. This is the most interesting design detail because, as one can read on the PB Swiss Tools product-page:

First this a “special alloy based on spring steel, exceptional elasticity coupled with high grade hardening“. So, you are set-up for life when you use these tools the way they are intended. I have a pair of hex keys that are 25+ years old, without showing any signs of wear.

Second when you look at a close-up picture of one of the tips you see a bore in the center of the dark brown tip. So, this allows the use with bolts that come with and without non-tamper pin (also called secure torx bolts).


Stahlwille is a well-known high quality German tool brand, that I especially like for their Manoskop torque wrenches. I’ve reviewed the Stahlwille Manoskop 730N/2 Mechanical Torque Wrench 2-20 Nm, because it has a cycling friendly torque range.

The Stahlwille 10771 Hexagon Torx set has a range from TX9 – TX40 and comes with a Stahlwille green plastic holder. The chrome Vanadium, hexagon shaped keys with Torx endpoints and a gunmetal finish give an industrial and high-quality look and feel. Please recall that the PB 411.BH 6-25 has a round shape (and different range TX6 – TX25).

Another difference is that the Stahlwille 10771 Hexagon Torx set has a ball end on the long arm of the Torx key which also allows for a swivel angle up to 25° each side. Please check the Stahlwille product-page for the complete overview.


The PB 411.BH 6-25 from PB Swiss Tools is a solid choice for the finer ranges of Torx bolts, based upon the well-known quality of PB Swiss Tools. The price-point of the PB Swiss Tools PB 411.BH 6-25 is now around € 57,– (where I was able to get these in a discount a little while ago). Not cheap, but well-known quality.

The Stahlwille 10771/8 are available for the price-point of around € 35,– and provide a more extensive range for all-round use. I have these in my Hazet tool cabinet, while the PB 411.BH 6-25 are in my Bera Clic box with cycling tools.

Both are great Torx toolsets that you cannot go wrong with. Which Torx key sets do you use on your bikes?

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