Shimano Quick Link SM-CN900-11 review

The Shimano Quick Link SM-CN900-11 is the Shimano alternative for the KMC MissingLink, SRAM PowerLock and their previous solution the Shimano Chain Connecting Pin. In this article I will briefly look at the design and search for differences (if applicable).

Shimano has a long history for using their famous press-pins when installing a new chain, while other component companies like SRAM and KMC already had an easier way to connect the chain-ends: the KMC MissingLink and the SRAM PowerLock.

In the pas I’ve used a SRAM PowerLock a couple of times with Shimano 10-speed and  11-speed chains, since SRAM and Shimano are compatible.  However I was happy to see Shimano also producing a Quick Link, and purchased a set of two Quick Links that came in the retail box pictured above.

I was wondering if I could see any engineering differences in the different chain locks.

The picture above shows the Shimano SM-CN900-11 and the KMC MissingLink side by side. Design wise the KMC MissingLink and the Shimano Quick Link look identical as you can see.

Also the snap in parts almost look the same. It are just really minor detail differences like the radius, coating, color or the arrow that shows the drive train direction.

I’ve used both the KMC MissingLink and the Shimano Quick Link with the BBB LinkFix BTL-77 pliers when working on my road bike. No issues or design differences in the maintenance area.


I did run a KMC X11EL chain (gold version with Titanium Nitride coating) for the past cycling season in combination with a KMC MissingLink 11 Pro.

For the upcoming summer period I will change back to a Dura Ace 9000 chain, so I’m happy to use the Shimano Quick Link SM-CN900-11 in this process. No chain breaker needed to press-inn a connecting pin. 🙂

I’ve purchased a double pack with two quick links for the price-point of EUR 9,95. If you purchase a single Shimano SM-CN900-11 the price will be EUR 5,95 which is exactly the same as the KMC MissingLink 11 Pro. The SRAM PowerLock is the cheapest option with a price of EUR 3,50.

Please note that the article: “Shimano Quick Link SM-CN900-11 review” was originally published on on 26-07-2020.

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