BBB LinkFix BTL-77 pliers for KMC Missing Link

BBB LinkFix BTL-77 pliers are the ideal tool to open and close KMC Missing Link on your Shimano, KMC or SRAM chain. The plier design offers a dual function for both opening and closing a KMC Missing Link. Competitive products offer only a single function and are more expensive options.

In this article I will briefly look at the design and sharing my practical experiences when working with a gold KMC X11 EL chain (the version with a KMC titanium-nitride finish).


I purchased a gold KMC X11 EL chain with a KMC titanium-nitride finish and used a KMC Missing Link to connect both chain ends. Also when you need to do an emergency repair on the road, a KMC Missing Link is perfect solution (in combination with a chain breaker) to repair a Shimano, KMC or SRAM chain

At home you would need to have a more professional tool, to work with the KMC Missing Link or similar types of chain locks. I opted for the BBB LinkFix BTL-77 pliers.

BBB LinkFix BTL-77 – Dual function

The BBB LinkFix BTL-77 pliers offer a dual function, which basically means you can open and close a KMC Missing Link. While this may sound logical, the analogy of the BBB LinkFix pliers is similar to safety-clip-pliers that are used to either open or either close the safety-clips.

As you can see in the picture above the design includes both a spring (between the plier legs) and a maximum movement limiter next to the dual function branding.


The BTL-77 pliers work straight forward (as expected). The nose of the pliers perfectly fit between the chain-links/KMC Missing Link or Shimano Quick Link SM-CN900-11.

The BBB LinkFix BTL-77 pliers have a solid grip and feels robust when applying force to open the missing link (=squeeze the pliers). Pulling the legs of the pliers open makes sure the KMC Missing Link will snap into the closed position. However you can also close it by applying force on your cranks, which you do with an emergency repair on the road.

Both working and quality of the BBB BTL-77 pliers are as expected from a BBB Cycling product.


The BBB LinkFix BTL-77 pliers from BBB Cycling are a no-nonsense tool that simply do what they are designed for. Competitive products are either more expensive or just offer single function pliers (just open or just close).

I’ve purchased the BTL-77 pliers for the price-point of EUR 9,00 which is very sharp.

The BBB LinkFix BTL-77 claimed their spot in the Cocoon Grid-It Organizer in one of my BERA CLIC+ toolboxes. Given the reputation that BBB Cycling has build over the years, you can’t go wrong for that price.

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