Tune Wasserträger 2.0 Carbon Bottle Cage review

Tune Wasserträger 2.0 is a lightweight carbon water bottle cage of only 9 grams, that perfectly suits the stealth look of my Canyon Ultimate CF SLX road-bike. The Tune Wasserträger 2.0 comes with aluminum bolts and has a black tune logo on it. For a reasonable price-point you get a Tune branded water bottle with the bottle cage as well.


Tune describes the Tune Wasserträger 2.0 carbon bottle cage on its product page as:

“Constructed completely out of premium carbon fibre, and molded to firmly and gracefully entwine a water bottle. No more losing your bottle, even when mountain-biking, and the flat wound shape ensures optimum aerodynamics. It is attached to the frame with tapered aluminum screws.”

The Tune Wasserträger 2.0 carbon bottle cage has a slim and graceful design.  The Tune logo is black on carbon, so very subtle to see. Tune provides a Tacx Source water bottle with Tune branding and a set of two rubbers that will keep the water bottle even more gripped into the cage. Personally I didn’t install the two rubbers, and I’ve never lost a water bottle on a ride.

Water bottles tested with the Tune Wasserträger 2.0 carbon bottle cage

I’ve tested the Tune Wasserträger 2.0 carbon bottle cage with various water bottles:

  • Assos water bottles are black, and fit perfectly (check out the review over here);
  • Camelbak Podium water bottles, don’t fit properly;
  • Elite Corsa water bottles, fit perfectly;
  • Tacx Shiva water bottles, fit perfectly (check out the Amacx water bottle crate review for the Tacx Shiva bottles;
  • Zefal Arctica thermo water bottles fit perfectly;
  • Elite Jet water bottles, fit perfectly (check out the review over here);
  • Elite Fly water bottles, fit perfectly;

Unfortunately, the 2016 version of the Camelbak Podium water bottles didn’t fit (removing the bottle was painful). But so far that’s the only water bottle that didn’t fit the Tune Wasserträger 2.0 perfectly. My preferred water bottles are the Elite Fly 750 ml water bottles.

Titanium 6AL-4V Grade 5 bolts ISO 7380

Together with the carbon bottle cage you will get the two aluminum bolts (black color).

I’ve replaced the aluminum blots with a set of titanium bolts 6AL-4V grade 5 with measurements M5 x 12 mm. These titanium bolts are perfectly suitable for bottle cages due to the bolt head with a diameter of 11 mm. as you can see in the picture above. The maximum tensile strength is 950N/mm² and the weight is about 1,25 gram per bolt.


The Tune Wasserträger 2.0 is a lightweight, slim and graceful carbon bottle cage of just 9 grams, with a reasonable price-point of € 45,50 (with a Tacx Source water bottle included).

Most quality carbon water bottle cages have a price-point from around the € 50,–. The weight however is much higher, and most of the times no water bottle is included. I only know one lighter bottle cage from carbon works that only weighs 5 grams. and costs about € 60,–.

So overall the Tune Carbon Water Bottle cage has an excellent value and weight for the price you pay. Please make sure you check out another Tune Wasserträger 2.0 review on Life is a Beautiful Detail

On my Scott Scale 925 Hardtail I’m using a pair of Elite Rocko Carbon bottle cages, with the same familiar Elite, Assos and Tacx Shiva water bottles. Also check out the Tune Schraubwürger seatpost clamp review another excellent product from Tune.

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