Stahlwille 10758-3S T-wrench – Bits & Sockets

In this article I will review the Stahlwille 10758-3S T-wrench. It is versatile because each T-wrench end has a different connection point so you can use it with 1/4″ bits and 1/4″ sockets.

I will briefly compare it with one of my favorite tools the Fixit Sticks T-Way wrench, the Wiha 388DS T-handle and the Hazet 2253.


When you pick-up the Stahlwille 10758-3S T-wrench you directly feel it is a well build German engineered tool.

The long (vertical) part of the T-wrench is build from a round 10 mm axle. In the middle you have the green anodized aluminum guide that allows you to make quick rotations when needed. The guide is kept in its place with two lock-rings. In the old Fixit Sticks T-Way wrench model that I use, rubber rings are used to maintain the guide in its place.

On the tip of the long part there is a magnetic 1/4″ bitholder with bayonet locking mechanism. You pull out the ring, to remove the bit. The picture above show the normal locked situation.

The short (horizontal) part of the T-wrench is build from a hex-shaped piece that goes through a very very solid connection point.  On one end of this short part you will find a a magnetic 1/4″ bitholder (without the locking mechanism). On the other end you will find a square adapter for 1/4″ sockets. I use the Stahlwille 1/4″ sockets that I also use on the Stahlwille Manoskop 730N/2 Mechanical Torque Wrench.

Having these different options of both bits and sockets makes the Stahlwille 10758-3S T-wrench very multifunctional in a broad range of applications. The Fixit Sticks T-Way wrench, the Wiha 388DS T-handle and the Hazet 2253 only can be used with 1/4″ bits.  All these competitive T-shaped tools are smaller than the Stahlwille 10758-3S T-wrench and cannot make use of the 1/4″ sockets. The Stahlwille 10758-3S T-wrench is build more for heavy duty use.


The Stahlwille 10758-3S T-wrench has claimed its spot in my Hazet tool trolley. And while the Fixit Sticks T-Way wrench is often my first option (the small size is often easy when maintaining a bike) the Stahlwille 10758-3S T-wrench is on a closed second place.

The Stahlwille 10758-3S T-wrench I use for more heavy torque situations where I need the leverage or when I simply want to carry a single tool to work with bits and sockets (and not bringing a Hazet or Wera Zyklop ratchet).

You can get this multifunctional T-wrench for a price-point of around € 44,– which is certainly reasonable. You probably don’t get it wrecked or worn out in normal use. Would you buy the Stahwille T-wrench for your toolbox or trolley?

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