Stahlwille 4008-1 Ratchet Screwdriver

In this article I will review the Stahlwille 4008 ratchet screwdriver in two lengths 4008-1 and 4008-2. Stahlwille is my preferred brand for torque tools (Stahlwille Manoskop) and 50-sersies 1/2″ sockets (12 tooth instead of hex shaped).

Stahlwille 4008-1 and 4008-2 ratchet screwdriver with 1/4″ bit holder will be compared with the various other screwdrivers with 1/4″ bit holder.

Key features Stahlwille 4008 ratchet screwdriver

Perhaps the design of the Stahwille 4008-1 ratchet screwdriver comes very close to the design features of the Hazet 2262 Screwdriver (with bit holder and storage compartment). Both feature a grippy handle that hides a storage compartment for 1/4″ bits.

In the product catalogue you can read a summary of the key features of the Stahlwille 4008 Ratchet Screwdrivers:

  • Easy change of direction (anticlockwise, clockwise and fixed) by simply twisting the locking ring
  • Ergonomically designed, non-slip 2-component handle for optimum force transmission
  • Storage compartment for 6 bits in the handle; push button to open (size 1)
  • For bit screwdriver inserts with external hex 1/4″ IN 3126/ISO 1173 Type C 6.3
  • 1/4″ sockets can be used with adaptor No 3115/1 (external hex and square drive 1/4″)
  • Easy bit change thanks to internal hex. drive with magnet
  • Knurled spin section for faster screw advance
  • Heavy-duty mechanism with 48 teeth (7.5° working angle)

Stahlwille Quality Ratchet

A significant portion of the Stahlwille product portfolio consists of ratchets (as you can see in the online catalogue). And with Stahlwille being one of the leading (German) tool manufacturers, you know that the Stahlwille 4008-1 and 4008-2 are equipped with a high quality ratchet.

You can simply switch direction of the ratchet mechanism by twisting the steel ratchet ring. In the middle option (between the arrows) the ratchet mechanism is locked, thus it will act as a normal screwdriver. It is super simple and fool proof when using the Stahwille 4008-1 and 4008-2 ratchet screwdrivers in practice. Please also note that the heavy duty 48 teeth mechanism has an easy engagement, given the 7.5° working angle.

I’m looking to get me the Stahlwille Adaptor No 3115/1 so I can use all screwdriver bitholders with 1/4″ square sockets:

Grippy handle with sufficient volume

In order to apply sufficient torque a grippy handle is from my point of view important. Personally I really like triangular shaped handle of the Hazet 2262, but sufficient volume that fits well in the palm of your hand is key. The handle of the Stahlwille 4008-1 probably comes closest to the S&R Screwdriver.

Storage Compartment

A feature that might be helpful for some people is the hidden storage compartment for 6 bits inside of the handle. The Hazet 2262 had a similar feature, but for me this has limited value, given the fact that I use a PB Swiss Tools bit storage box.

“Thanks to their ergonomic design, they provide optimum force transmission. At the same time, they incorporate such practical features as a storage compartment for 6 bits in the handle (size 1), a knurled quick-spin section and a ratchet angle of only 7.5°”

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

I’ve purchased the Stahlwille 4008 ratchet screwdriver in two lengths 4008-1 and 4008-2 (normal screwdriver and stubby) for the price-point of € 17,00 each.

A ratchet screwdriver is always helpful to have in your toolbox and Stahlwille is a high quality German Tool brand, that you basically can’t go wrong with. For me it is a great addition to the PB Swiss Tools PB C6.990 bitset that I’ve extended a bit, and Hazet 2262 Screwdriver with 1/4″ bit holder. . 🙂

I’m looking to get me the Stahlwille Adaptor No 3115/1 so I can use all screwdriver bitholders with 1/4″ square sockets (also from Stahwille, and used in combination with the 1/4″ Wera Zyklop 8000 A speed ratchet).

Do you see any value in a ratchet screwdriver? And if what ratchet screwdriver would you use ?!

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