Selle Italia X-LR Air Cross TM Superflow S Saddle

In this article I will review the Selle Italia X-LR Air Cross TM Superflow S saddle that I use on the Scott Scale 925. I changed the brown Syncros saddle with the Selle Italia because it is very close to the Fizik Arione Versus Braided saddle I’m riding on my Canyon Ultimate CF SLX road-bike.

The Air Cross Superflow in size S is a cyclocross specific saddle with a downward pointing saddle nose tip, that is also very applicable for cross-country mountain biking.

Design features Sell Italia X-LR Air Cross Superflow

Let’s have a look at the product page, where you can read the description below:

Enjoy greater support and comfort on your off-road rides with the uniquely shaped X-LR Air Cross TM Superflow. Dual density padding and an ergonomic design delivers unparalleled performance while the soft tip makes the toughest of climbs bearable. Shock absorbers and Superflow cut-out help keep you riding for longer and the addition of Air Cross Tech and reinforced edges means that your saddle will outlast the others. The X-LR Air Cross TM Superflow is ready to tackle any trail.

As mentioned in the introduction I’m riding a Fizik Arione VSX Braided on the road in a width of 132 mm. and the length of 300 mm. which is typical for the Arione series. VSX is an open channel in the middle of the saddle to release some pressure. The superflow cut-out is a very similar concept from Selle Italia, that is also known from their iconic saddles like the flite. The size S version of the Selle Italia X-LR Air Cross TM Superflow has a width of 131 mm. and a length of 226 mm. All in all similar to the Fizik Arione.

The padding is more than sufficient, with a grippy leather surface to keep a good control of your bike even in muddy conditions. If you look under the saddle you will see the light blue shock absorbers, that provide some extra comfort where the rails hit the shell of the saddle.

A distinguishing feature of the Selle Italia X-LR is the soft-tipped nose. During steep climbs on a mountain bike you lean more forward keeping the pressure on the front wheel. By doing so, you position yourself automatically more on the front of the saddle. So again this a very functional feature of the X-LR Air Cross Superflow. Looking into the offroad category of Selle Italia, this is the best option for me (given the similarities with the Fizik Arione dimensions).

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

Selle Italia is a well-known quality brand from the cycling industry producing saddles for many years. The Selle Italia Flite and SLR saddles are iconic models for many years.

The price point of the Selle Italia X-LR Air Cross TM Superflow was highly interesting with € 61,00 from Amazon Germany, while the price point on average is higher and around the € 75,00 baseline. So for me this is a bargain price for a high quality saddle that will stay on the Scott Scale 925 for a long time.

The Selle Italia X-LR Air Cross Superflow is a highly versatile offroad saddle that can be used for mountain biking, cyclocross and gravel racing.

What saddle are you using with mountain bike, cyclocross- and gravel racing ?

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