S&R Screwdriver bit holder – Superb value for money

In this article I will review the S&R Screwdriver with 1/4″ magnetic bit holder with product number 250.587.100 and compare it with a couple of other bit holders like the Hazet 2262 Screwdriver with bit holder or the PB Swiss Tools 186.6-100 M screwdriver with magnetic bit holder.


Let’s zoom in on the S&R Screwdriver with 1/4″ magnetic bit holder and it’s unique design features.

On the product page one can read the following description and key metrics

Ergonomic, patented multi-component handle with anti-slip protection for fast and secure screwing and maximum torque. Blade – round, magnetic with 1/4″ hexagon socket holder, stainless steel with strong permanent magnet. Screwdriver-plug-in bit holder for professional precise and safe continuous use. With perforation in the handle for hanging for easy and safe storage.

  • Material: chrome-molybdenum;
  • Weight: 96 grams
  • Total dimensions: 210 mm. / 100 mm.
  • Dimensions handle: 110 x 30 mm.

While the design is probably not the most shocking thing, the price-point on Amazon is very very sharp: EUR 7,69. In concept I’m running a similar comparison like the Renpho Smart Scale € 30,– compared to the Garmin Index S2 is around € 150,– but now for a screwdriver with bit holder. 🙂

The chromo bit-holder part and the hex-shaped connection to the handle is pretty standard. The Hazet 2262 has this in a more robust way, with a wider diameter.


For me the handle was the most interesting part to compare the S&R screwdriver against the Hazet 2262. The Hazet 2262 screwdriver has a triangle shaped cross section which allows it not to roll-off a workbench, while giving a superb grip for torque power. The S&R Screwdriver with magnetic bit-holder doesn’t have an internal compartment either, but the shape of the handle is comfortable, and the rubber finish gives it good (enough) grip. Certainly for home mechanic use.

The handle also follows the shape, curve where you can place the thumb against a ridge of the handle, while the index fingerer is wrapped around the handle. A simple but nice feature is a hole in the handle so you can easily store it in your workbench, assuming you have a nice tool storage board.


The S&R Screwdriver with 1/4″ magnetic bit holder with product number 250.587.100 has an excellent value for money ratio with a price point of EUR 7,69. Most of the (German) tool engineering brands like Hazet, Gedore, Stahlwille or PB Swiss Tools have more expensive offerings, with some extra quality or capabilities, but also against a more expensive price point.

Just like the Renpho Smart Scale – Garmin Index S2 comparison I found it interesting to compare this Amazon bargain with the traditional German tool brands. For most use cases the S&R Screwdriver with 1/4″ magnetic bit holder with product number 250.587.100 is an excellent choice, that you simply cannot go wrong with.

What Screwdriver with 1/4″ bitholder are you using ? What price point are you willing to pay for a tool like this ?

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