Carbonice Stummer Eugen chain catcher

In this article I will share my thoughts on the Carbonice Stummer Eugen chain catcher and compare it with the Canyon chain catcher that I’ve used over the past couple of years. Both chain catchers differ significantly in used material, assembly on your road bike and for the weightweenies among us the chain catcher weight.

Design of the Carbonice Stummer Eugen Chain Catcher

“The Carbonice chain catcher “Stummer Eugen” prevents the chain from dropping onto and scratching the frame. The “Stummer Eugen” can be easily fixed to the clamp of the front derailleur. This way no additional screws are necessary and you save weight.”

The Stummer Eugen chain catcher has an exceptional light weight of 3.2 grams including the aluminum clamp-bolt for your front derailleur. The chain catcher is a single piece of carbon in a traditional chain catcher shape. Remark most of the professional road cyclists use a chain catcher on their pro bikes through out the year.

On the chain catcher you will see the white branding, which feels lick a sticker that has been put on the carbon Stummer Eugen. So first thing I did was removing it, so I have a simple black carbon finish.

Second I changed the black aluminum bolt with a titanium version, to feel more safe when putting the bolt on the required 5 – 7 Nm. Tightening aluminum bolts can sometimes be a little tricky, even with an excellent torque wrench.

The Carbonice Stummer Eugen is easy to install, and integrates perfectly with the Dura Ace 9000 front derailleur.

Canyon Chain Catcher vs Carbonice Stummer Eugen

I have been using the Canyon chain catcher as well, which is crafted from a piece of aluminum. The Canyon chain catcher is installed behind the (vertical) bottle cage on your seat tube. So the installation method and -location differs from the Carbonice Stummer Eugen, just like the material of the chain catcher.

It is a idiot-proof chain catcher as well, which only has the disadvantage that the bottle cage on the seat tube is installed on top of the Canyon chain catcher. However this is more an aesthetic point, and certainly not a functional or practical issue.

When I purchased my Canyon Ultimate CF SLX, I purchased the Canyon chain catcher directly with the bike so the discounted price would be € 14,95 instead of the normal price of € 19,95.

Please remark that the Canyon chain catcher has been tested by Movistar and Katusha in the worlds toughest cobble stone races like Paris Roubaix and the Rond van Vlaanderen.

Concluding Thoughts and Wrap-up

The Carbonice Stummer Eugen is a super lightweight chain catcher from an established German “quality” company. Fun to read about the Carbonice company philosophy and history !

The weight and astheatics on the bike were the drivers to purchase the Carbonice chain catcher in the Starbike webshop for the price-point of € 19,95 (as a member from the weightweenie forum you get additional 5% reduction).

You can’t go wrong with either of the chain catchers, and only personally would only prefer a titanium bolt over the Carbonice aluminium bolt.

Also check out the super lightweight spoke magnet from Carbonice (size is about the head of a matchstick) with the cool product name Starker Heinrich.

Please note that the article: “Carbonice Stummer Eugen chaincatcher” was originally published on on 06-02-2017. Minor adjustments performed.

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