Tune Schraubwürger seatpost clamp

In this article I will share my thoughts about the Tune Schraubwürger Seatpost Clamp on my Scott Scale 925, that replaced the stock Syncros quick release seatpost clamp.

Tune has always been a high quality German brand for the weightweenies, but here it is the combination of weight, price-point and engineering.

Design features Tune Schraubwürger

On the Tune website the following product information of Tune Schraubwürger seatpost clamp can be found:

Schraubwürger translated means something like strangler. And this seatpost clamp lives up to his name. Once fitted it grabs your seatpost and won’t let go. […] Intricate CNC machining optimizes the weight and a Titanium screw ensures secure clamping. The Tune Schraubwürger is sleek, strong and light. The 31,8mm version weighs only 9,8g!

And in addition there is some technical data available as well.

Tune seatpost clamp Technical data

Clamping height14,75mm
BoltM5x13mm Titanium
Weightfrom 9,8g
ManufacturingCNC-turned and -milled

I’ve first removed the Syncros seatpost which has a 31,6 mm diameter, and the original Syncros quick-release seatpost clamp states a diameter of 34,9 mm. However what was even more important is the clamping height.

In the Tune Schraubwurger there is a small ridge that makes sure, the seatpost clamp will stay on the top of the seat tube. But also the outer diameter of seatpost tube of the Scott Scale is slightly adjusted to the clamp inner diameter. In other words, the outer diameter is slightly thinner, so therefore the clamping height is critically important.

Installation is fairly easy otherwise.

  1. Putting Dynamic Carbon Assembly Paste (with micro pearls) on the inside of the Tune Schraubenwurger clamp.
  2. Putting Morgan Blue Aquaproof Paste on the thread of the titanium M5 bolt;
  3. Sliding the Tune Schraubwurger clamp on the seat tube
  4. Install the Syncros seatpost (also with Dynamic Carbon Assembly Paste) on the part that goes into the carbon Scott Scale frame;
  5. Tighten the M5 bolt to specification with the Stahlwille Manoskop 730N/2

And look at the awesome lines and sleek looks of the Tune Schraubwurger.

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

My experience with Tune products over the past years has been great. The Tune Wassertrager 2.0 water bottle cages on my roadbike are still in perfect shape and extremely light.

So when I was researching various seatpost clamps with a clamping height of around 15 mm the Tune Schraubwurger was one of the options. The price point varies from € 32,– up to € 37,– which is not super cheap. You can get seatpost clamps for less. But with a discounted price, the perfect clamping height all coming together in beautiful design, I’ve made the change.

If you are a weightweenie and when you are not changing saddle height often, than this Tune product is a great option. Available in multiple colors and multiple diameters. And it looks much much cleaner than the quick-release seatpost clamps.

What seatpost clamp are you using ? What is your experience with products from the German brand Tune?

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