Morgan Blue Aquaproof Paste

In this article I will share my thoughts and experience on the Morgan Blue Aquaproof Paste that I use on bolts, bottom brackets that I not want to get stuck.

In my opinion this is a must have item on every home mechanic’s work bench !

Morgan Blue Aquaproof Paste

On the Morgan Blue website the following product description can be found:

“Morgan Blue Aquaproof Paste is a synthetic grease that prevents the oxidation of metal parts. Aquaproof Paste is especially developed for assembling seat posts (seat tube), bottom brackets, headsets and screws. The grease makes the parts waterproof, where rubbers fail.”

Furthermore the product page emphasizes that the Aquaproof Paste is not suitable for hubs, which is a no-brainer to me, given the thickness of the paste. However I use it on all bolts that I don’t want to get stuck. Let give some examples:

According to Morgan Blue the Aquaproof Paste can even resist the salt seawater. Personally I ordered the original Morgan Blue package with Aquaproof paste, but I also see branded versions around in the Netherlands. Branded with the bike shop name on it, but I’ve also noticed the Kogel Bearings variant, which has a price-point of around $ 34,00. I’ve asked if the recipe for the Kogel Bearings paste is slightly different.

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

You can buy Morgan Blue Aquaproof Paste in a container of 200 grams and even a bucket of 1000 grams. The price-point of a 200 grams bucket is € 15,00 while the 1000 grams bucket costs around € 55,00. However you almost need to be a professional world tour mechanic to use 1000 grams in a reasonable timeframe.

Morgan Blue Aquaproof Paste is my default assembly paste for most bolts on and off the bike. Just for titanium bolts I use Weldtite TF2 Lithium Grease, which I learned from the Prototipo Works team.

I use the fluoresent yellow Motorex Bike Grease 2000 to re-grease my Speedplay Zero pedals, CEMA Bearing Interlock BB86-BB92 Bottom Bracket and C-Bear Bottom Bracket for BB86/BB92.

So when you do most bike maintenance yourself, than Morgan Blue Aquaproof Paste is a must have bucket on your workbench. For the € 15,00 price point you cannot go wrong, and I personally use it also for non-cycling related applications.

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