Morgan Blue Extra Dry Lube for MTB, Gravel and Cyclocross

In this article I will review the Morgan Blue Extra Dry Lube that I now use during the autumn and winter season with the Scott Scale 925 mountain bike. I will try to compare my experiences with the Spoke Works Smoove, Cerabike Wax Lube and the Wolf Tooth WT-1 Chain Lube.

Morgan Blue Extra Dry Lube – Key advantages

On the Morgan Blue product page and Morgan Blue shop you can the following description:

This high quality silicone spray is designed for MTB and Cyclocross use. Extra Dry Lube protects the chain and drivetrain by placing a thin film on the components helping to repel water and dirt. Apply Morgan Blue Extra Dry Lube 1 hour before riding for best results. Shake well before use. For a good maintenance repeat the treatment sufficient.

Extra Dry Lube Properties AND Avantages

  • Highly waterproof/repellent
  • Repels dirt, dust and moisture.
  • Constant protecting properties in cold and hot conditions.
  • Penetrates fast into the chain
  • Prevents corrosion.
  • Prevents wear and extends life of lubricated parts.

Of course this looks all very nice on paper, where some claims are obviously common sense logic as well. But let me share some of the practical experiences as well. Extra Dry Lube is “thin” enough the easily apply and go into the chain links, but “thick” enough not to get washed of the chain by a rain-shower or dirt. I used Morgan Blue Racing oil back in the days but the Extra Dry Lube is feeling balanced and better.

Just open the nozzle of the Lube bottle with the thin needle (not a nail) because the flow of Lube becomes very different. This needle like application is something I really like from the Spoke Works Smoove bottle and Wolf Tooth has a special “needle applicator”.

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

Morgan Blue is a well established brand in the cycling maintenance industry. Several World Tour teams have a long term partnership with Morgan Blue, so you really cannot go wrong with this brand.

However the cold and wet months of the year require a different type of protection on chain, cassette to keep the drive train running smoothly. Morgan Blue Extra Dry Lube is doing exactly this, but at a super price-point of € 7,00 (for this branded version).

Compare that to the great Spoke Works Smoove, which is great in wet conditions, but has a price point now of around € 15,00. And with short maintenance cycles during autumn and winter it is a matter of cleaning and lubricating after each ride.

Morgan Blue Extra Dry Lube is a great lubricant during the winter for a hard to beat price point, showing superb value for money.

What chain lube are you using during the cold and rainy autumn months ?

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