Sidi Wire SP shoes review – Speedplay Carbon Sole

Sidi Wire SP cycling shoes are basically the normal Sidi Wire shoes with a Speedplay specific carbon sole that has the 4 bolt pattern integrated. Compared to the normal 3 bolt patterns of carbon soles (Look or SPD cleats) no base-plate is needed to install Speedplay (Walkable) cleats.

In this article I will share my experiences with the Sidi Wire SP shoes and zoom in on some of the unique design features.


Sidi is one of the best known shoe manufactures in the cycling peloton, but also offers shoes and clothing for motor sports. About 2,5 year ago I’ve purchased my first pair of Sidi Wire SP cycling shoes, and extended the collection with another pair of these high quality Sidi slippers.


On the product page you can see a good set of product features, that I particularly like.

  • Soft Step 3 System
  • Tecno 3 Push System
  • Sidi Heel Cup
  • Adjustable heel retention device
  • Replaceable Heel Pad
  • SP Carbon sole

In the section below I will elaborate more on these features, because they don’t just sound good on paper but are extremely valuable in practice to fine-tune fit and comfort.


The Soft Step 3 System from Sidi can be moved in and out, so it will optimally cover the upper part of your foot. This really helps in the pulling part of the pedal stroke.

The Sidi Heel cup is rigid and keeps the heel in its place, where heel retention device can squeeze the width of the heel section so it locks the heel in position. I have a pretty slim and narrow foot-shape so having this adjust-ability has proven to be very valuable.

With the Speedplay Specific Carbon sole, there is no need to have install a base plate adapter. The 4-bolt pattern for Speedplay cleats is integrated in the sole, resulting in a lower stack height and I’ve learned from my C-Bear Bottom bracket research that eliminating adapters or spacers lowers the risk of funny noises. The direct connection from the cleat onto the carbon sole is super stiff and direct.  However it is a Speedplay only solution.

Finally the Tecno 3 Push system that tightens the shoes. It allows you to fine tune the pressure and wrapping of the upper part of the shoe. My first pair of Sidi Wire SP shoes didn’t have the push version of the Tecno 3 system, I simply need to open the lid manually and turn the Tecno 3 ratchet to tighten the shoe. The push system is helpful on the road, and automatically opens the lid of the Tecno 3 ratchet. I will not start the comparison with the Boa closures, but for me the Tecno 3 system simply works.

All described items -including the heel pad- are fully replaceable. Easy when you crash or break some parts during training. However you can also use this to customize the shoes. I’m thinking to replace the Soft Step 3 and its short Tecno 3 system on my old shoes, and changing it into a black version.

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I’ve purchased my first pair of Sidi Wire SP cycling shoes 2,5 years ago in 2015, and these are still in excellent condition. With Sidi you get a pair of high quality and well thought out pair of shoes, where all major parts can be replaced when needed (in case you need to).

If you get the right size (Italian shoes shape seems to be smaller) you get a pair of indestructible slippers. The heel retention device and the Tecno 3 system allow you to fine-tune the fit to your personal preference.

One thing you need to keep in mind, is that the Sidi Wire SP version has limited availability online. In combination with an advised retail price is about € 350,00 these are shoes for the true Speeplay addicts. Fortunately I could always get the Sidi Wire SP shoes for a price point of around € 250,00 which to me is acceptable.

I’ve played with the thought to switch to Gearne, since this is Italian brand is the supplier of Lotto Soudal’s Speedplay riders. Gearne is also one of the very few manufacturers who still offer a Speedplay Specific Carbon Sole version of the shoes. When I could get me a second pair of Sidi Wire SP shoes for a sharp price point including Speedplay carbon sole protectors, it was an easy choice. 🙂

I’m using the Solestar Kontrol BLK insoles with the Sidi Wire SP shoes. Check out some other related Sidi Sport reviews at the bottom of this article.

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Please note that the article: “Sidi Wire SP shoes review – Speedplay Carbon Sole” was originally published on on 25-12-2017. This version has minor adjustments.

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