Assos Water Bottle with Cyclist design

Assos Water Bottle is the new redesigned 2018 water bottle of well known clothing brand Assos. I used their old black water bottles while testing the Tune Wassertraeger 2.0 bottle cages. The Assos Water Bottle comes with a recognizable cyclist design.

In addition I will do a brief comparison with the Elite Fly Team water bottles, that I’ve reviewed a little while ago.


The Assos Water Bottle is a transparent grey 500 ml. water bottle with the typical Assos branding on it: The back view of a cyclist on one side and the “Have a good ride !” slogan on the other side. Have a good ride can normally be found in the neck area of the Assos base layer shirts.

The bottle itself feels marginally thinner than the Elite Fly Team water bottles, and although the used plastic is very flexible and easy to squeeze, it is a tiny bit more rigid than the Elite Fly Team bottles. The Assos Bottle is also slightly larger simply due to the difference in cap design. And this cap is where the magic happens …


The cap of the Assos Water Bottle has a smaller diameter and the sides have cut-outs where you can put your fingers to turn the cap and open the water bottle. This seems a simple design feature, but it is a very practical one.

The nozzle opening of the water bottle is 10 mm in diameter, even larger than the Elite Fly bottles. So you will get an excellent flow of sports drink. You can also see the the rubber part of the nozzle has a groove, that helps to open the bottle with your teeth easily. When opened you can also a thickening in the rubber nozzle part in the shape of two rings. This is where the rubber nozzle goes into the water bottle cap, and it simply seals the bottle. So the water bottle cap has been cleverly designed.


“The Elite Fly Team is the lightest sport bottle available worldwide used by the best World Tour pro teams […]”

However the Swiss are also known for brilliant technology in cycling (Assos, BMC, etc.). So I’ve pulled out the kitchen scales to see how the Assos Bottle compares to one of the most used water bottles.

Assoss CyclistElite Fly TeamElite Corsa
Weight Cap132038
Weight Bottle323454

As you can see in the table above the Assos Bottle is 9 grams lighter than the Elite Fly Team water bottle. So on a ride with two water bottles you can shave of 18 grams without a drop of sweat. 🙂 It also emphasizes that you sometimes need to rethink marketing claims.

If you want to learn more about the Elite Fly Team bottle, than check out my review.


I have used the old version of the Assos water bottle a lot, and purchased the new version straight away. The design is well thought out as you can read above and the weight is also lighter than the Elite Fly water bottles.

From Assos Cyclist Water Bottle to Assos Signature Bidon

Assos renamed it from Assos Cyclist Water Bottle to Assos Signature Bidon. Simply because the design now follows the RS Equipe graphics. So same mechanical design, different color and different print.

The Assos Signature Bidon has a price point of € 7,00 which is around € 1,50 more expensive than the Elite Fly Team bottles. So the question is are you willing to pay a little more for Swiss innovation and a weight saving of 9 grams ?

What water bottles are you using on your bikes ?

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