IceToolz Cassette Lockring Tool with 12mm Guide Pin, #09C2

In this article I will review the IceToolz Cassette Lockring Tool with 12 mm Guide Pin. I first noticed the IceToolz Lockring Tool in a Mapdec Cycle Works YouTube video: “Pro Tools you need as a home mechanic.”

I will share my experiences of installing a 12-speed Shimano Deore XT M8100 cassette on a microspline body of the DT Swiss XM 1700 Spline wheels. In addition I will do a brief comparison with my Shimano lock ring tool that I have been using since ages.

Design features IceToolz Cassette Lockring Tool

On the 09C2 IceToolz Lockring Tool product page one can read:

The IceToolz cassette remover for the cassette lock ring is a frequently used item in a bicycle workshop. This remover with a chrome-vanadium quality guarantees a long service life. This cassette remover has a 12mm guide pin for thru-axle hubs and can be used with a ½” socket wrench (IceToolz number 53R4) or a 21mm wrench (IceToolz number 4721). The IceToolz cassette remover is suitable for: Shimano® CS, SRAM, SunRace, Chris King compatible cassettes and Shimano® Center Lock disc brakes. The IceToolz article number of this HG remover is 09C2.

What is really good at this lockring tool is the 35 mm long guide pin that will make sure that the tool is safely secured in the cassette lockring. Especially with the 12-speed Shimano microspline cassette and compatible freehub body.

IceToolz Lock Ring Tool with 1/2″ socket- and torque wrench

My preferred 1/2″ socket wrench is the Wera Zyklop 8000 C for 1/2″ sockets. Unfortunately the locking ball of the Wera Zyklop 8000 C doesn’t engage when putting the IceToolz Cassette Lockring Tool on it. But the 09C2 IceToolz snaps on it well.

I also own a Hazet 916SP Ratchet (1/2″) and the fit on the driver feels more secure (than Wera Zyklop 8000 C). The lock-engagement issue not there with the Hazet 916SP Ratchet (1/2″) and Stahlwille Manoskop 730N torque wrench. Especially with the microspline cassette and freehub body I like to check the torque specification (and make sure it is not overtightened).

IceToolz 09C2 versus Shimano TL-LR10, Park Tool FR-5.2GT and Pedros Pro Cassette Lockring Tool

Personally I have been using the Shimano TL-LR10 lockring tool product# WP-Y12009220 as my default tool for a long time (at least 10 – 15 years). But with the move to a microspline freehub body and 12-speed cassette together with a boost hub on my Scott Scale it was time to look for a better engagement as well. Don’t get me wrong, the Shimano TL-LR10 will still fit the 12-speed lockring and can still do the work, but having some additional security (similar to putting the quick release through the tool) a guiding pin is more helpful.

  • Park Tool FR-5.2GT Cassette Lockring Tool
  • Pedros Pro Cassette Lockring Socket with pin

An alternative is the Park Tool FR-5.2GT Cassette Lockring Tool, with a solid guiding pin. However the design doesn’t allow for a socket wrench and for a torque wrench you would require a sprocket adapter (which I don’t use on the Stahlwille Manoskop 730N torque wrench. The Park Tool FR-5.2GT price point is about €20,00 – € 25,00 (excluding shipment).

Pedros Pro Cassette Lockring Socket with pin (SKU: 6460001) has a unique and very good design and combining the best of the Shimano TL-LR10 and the Park Tool FR-5.2GT:

Designed with the professional mechanic in mind, we included both a 5mm guide pin and a removable aluminum 12mm pin held in place magnetically and easily removed with a satisfying precision-fit “pop”. The extra-deep splines ensure superior engagement while the quick spin knurling provides speed and control.

The Pedros Pro Cassette Lockring Socket can be used in combination with a 3/8″ socket wrench and a 1/2″ to 3/8″ adapter for the Stahwille Manoskop 730/N torque wrench. Unfortunately the price point of the Pedros Pro Cassette Lockring Socket with pin is rather expensive € 49,00 but the unique design will justify a portion of this. Especially useful if you are at the start of building your home mechanic toolbox.

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

The IceToolz Cassette Lockring Tool with 12mm Guide Pin has a super interesting price point and I was able to purchase it for less than € 19,00 including € 6,00 shipment. For that amount you will get a lot of good functionality than you can also find on the far more expensive Pedros Pro Cassette Lockring Socket.

For me the most important fact is a solid and long guide pin and the use with a proper 1/2″ socket and my Stahlwille Manoskop 730N torque wrench. For the non-thru axle wheels of the Canyon Ultimate CF SLX I will keep using my good old Shimano TL-LR10. But if you have just bikes with thru axles, than the IceToolz 09C2 Cassette Lockring Tool is hard to beat in value for money !!

  • What lockring tool are you using for your casettes?
  • What other IceToolz products are you using ?

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