CEMA Bearing Bottom Bracket Replacement Tool

Replacing bottom bracket bearings and -cups is easy, when you have the right tools. CEMA Bearing Professional Bottom Bracket Replacement Tool, with type number SRC-TT-B006C, is in my opinion the best solution currently available. In this article I will reason why and explain the steps I’ve followed to install a new Bottom Bracket with ceramic bearings.

Wera Zyklop 8000 Speed Ratchet review – Hazet 916SP Comparison

In this article I will review the Wera Zyklop 8000 series Speed ratchets. The 1/4″ Wera Zyklop 8000 A, the 3/8″ Wera Zyklop 8000 B and the Wera Zyklop 8000 C for 1/2″ sockets. Wera is a well known German tool brand, and I will do a brief comparison with a Hazet 916SP ratchet.