Wera 813 Kraftform Kompakt handle with 1/4″ bit holder

The Wera 813 handle with bit holder for 1/4″ bits is part of the Wera Kraftform Kompakt bit-holding screwdriver series.

Furthermore I will briefly compare Wera 813 Kraftform Kompakt bit holder with the Fix It Sticks Replaceable and PB Swiss Tools 470.M Adapter.


“High quality bit holder. Kraftform Plus handle for pleasant, ergonomic working that makes blisters and calluses a thing of the past. Hard gripping zones for high working speeds whereas soft zones ensure high torque transfer. Suitable for bits with ¼” hexagon head drive as per DIN ISO 1173-C 6.3.”

Sometimes you need a small bit-holding screwdriver that gives you a little more leverage for hand tightening bolts in small spaces. You don’t have the room to use a full bit-holding screwdriver like the Hazet 2262, or you simply are working on small mechanical parts. The Wera 813 small Kraftform Kompakt handle is 78 mm long with the length of the magnetic bit holder included.

The quality and finish are high, as you can expect from a German tool brand like Wera.


A little while ago I reviewed the Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition, where a single stick is almost similar in size. The Fix It Sticks feature two bit holders (on each side of the Fix It Stick), while the Wera handle with bit holder has the Kraftform Plus handle. The Wera 813 Kraftform Kompakt handle gives a better grip, due to some clever ergonomics and used materials.

From a price point it is not really fair to do a head to head comparison, simply because Fix It Sticks Replaceables will cost about $ 30,- while the Wera 318 is available for about € 6,-. The price-point of the handle is similar to PB Swiss Tools 470.M Adapter that can be attached onto a 5 mm allen key.


The Wera 813 small KK handle with 1/4″ bit holder has earned its place in the Cocoon Grid-It Organizer(s). I use multiple  Cocoon Grid-It Organizers to organize important bike tools that I store in a set of BERA CLIC+ toolboxes.

The Wera 813 small Kraftform Kompakt handle with 1/4″ bit holder has customer friendly price-point of € 6,-.

  • Bit holder for bits with 1/4″ hexagon drive;
  • Ergonomic Kraftform handle;
  • Hexagonal anti-roll feature against rolling away;
  • Magnetic

The clever Hexagonal anti-roll feature clearly shows that the design is well thought-out and the Wera 813 certain borrows features from its bigger brothers. What small bit holder do you use while doing the maintenance on your bike?

The Wera 813 small Kraftform Kompakt handle is always ready to use on my work bench or BERA CLIC+ toolbox. What small bit-holder do you prefer?

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