RISK cap removal tool for Shimano Hollowtech II

In this article I will briefly review pre-load-cap removal tool for Shimano Hollowtech II cranks from the brand Risk. I’ve ordered this tool from Aliexpress for a lightweight on-the-go toolbox scenario.

I will compare it against the Park Tool BBT-10.2 Adjusting Cap tool and relate it to the PB Swiss Tools 470.M Adapter.


The Park Tool BBT-10.2 Adjusting Cap tool is the pre-load-cap removal tool that has claimed its spot in the Cocoon Grid-It Organizer from the BERA CLIC+ Toolbox.  It has installed and removed the Wheelsmfg FIX-BOLT-1 pre-load-cap for the Shimano Hollowtech II Dura Ace 9000 cranks many many times.

And for an in my garage scenario I will still use the Park Tools BBT-10.2 tool. With it’s butterfly nut design concept it gives you a lot of leverage during installation or removal, and if this isn’t sufficient, you can insert a hex key. However I haven’t had the need to do that, simply because I’ve put some Morgen Blue Aquaproof Paste on the cap-thread. That results in easy installation and easy removal.

However after I’ve reviewed the PB Swiss Tools 470.M Adapter that I use in combination with the PB Swiss Tools long hex keys, I started looking for a compact and lightweight pre-load cap removal tool for when you are away with a compact and lightweight toolbox (or tool roll, I need to find a good roll). 🙂 I even thought of modifying the Shimano TL-FC18 Crank Installation Tool, to use it with a 1/4″ bitholder like the Fix It Sticks T-Way wrench or the Wera 813 Kraftform Kompakt handle.

Check out other high quality tool reviews with 1/4″ bitholder over here.

A user on the weightweenies-forum pointed me to compact aluminum pre-load-cap removal tool from RISK on Aliexpress. And for EUR 2,80 you can’t go wrong I think. The RISK pre-load-cap removal tool is 19 mm. high and 15 mm. wide. At one side, you can put it on a 6 mm hex key, while on the other side you can see a strong magnet that keeps the RISK tool snapped onto the hex key. So from a functional perspective it works just like the PB Swiss Tools 470.M Adapter.


I will still use the Park Tool BBT-10.2 Adjusting Cap tool when working in my garage. The leverage is good and Park Tool is well known for its quality.

When I’m off for a weekend and take a compact and lightweight tool roll with me, than the RISK cap removal tool for Shimano Hollowtech II cranks is with me. You simply snap it on a 6 mm hex-key and you are ready to perform your maintenance.

With the price-point of EUR 2,80 you can’t go wrong, since it is not a tool where a lot of force is being applied upon. Value for money is good and so far not to much wear … 🙂

What is your favorite crank installation tool ? Which one do you use in your garage and which one on the go ?

Please note that the article: “RISK cap removal tool for Shimano Hollowtech II” was originally published on www.remo-knops.com on 28-12-2020.

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