Wera Bottle Opener with Kraftform Handle

In this article I will fun-review the Wera bottle opener with the well known original Wera Kraftform handle.

So if you are a Wera Tool Rebel than, the bottle opener is a must have item in your toolbox. Opening your after ride beer bottles in Wera style.


According to the Wera product page of the bottle opener the dimensions are 147x42x32 mm. The weight of the bottle opener is about 80 grams, my kitchen scale says 79 grams.

The bottle opener is designed from two pieces. First the Kraftform handle that is described in more detail in the section below. Second the metal opener part, which has fluid design lines and a sort of brushed metal finish with the Wera logo stamped into the metal.


The Kraftform Handle is one the Wera trademarks, that is used from the Wera 813 small Kraftform Kompakt handle with 1/4″ bit holder to the Wera Zyklop 8000 Speed Ratches and all screwdrivers.

Kraftform – the shape that adapts to the hand
The whole hand is in contact with the handle. The smooth hard zones move through the hand like wheels when repositioning the hand on the handle. The easy-to-grip soft zones provide optimal contact zones for the muscles of the hand to transfer a high amount of torque.

As you can read the above on the Kraftform product page, the design of the handle is well-engineered. The “integral hex shoulder” simply makes sure that the bottle opener can’t roll of a table. However my go to bit-screwdriver is the Hazet 2262, with a triangle shaped handle.


The Wera bottle opener has the same original Wera Kraftform handle than the Wera Zyklop 8000 Speed Ratchets that I’ve reviewed a little while ago. Of course the bottle opener is in the typical green black Wera trademark colors.

The price point of the bottle opener is around € 6,00 for example at prof-tools.

I’m a huge fan of the Wera Zyklop 8000 Speed Ratchets and the Wera bits. So if you are a tool geek and want to open your beer bottles in Tool Rebel style, than go get yourself that Wera bottle opener. I have stored this one in the tool cabinet in my garage.

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Please note that Wera provided me with a review sample, after I published the Wera Zyklop 8000 Speed ratchet review on this website.

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