Finish Line Grunge Brush – Cleaning chain & cassette

The Finish Line Grunge Brush is an clever designed brush that helps you keeping your chainrings, chain and other drive train parts clean. While I do have a collection of Morgan Blue brushes the Finish Line Brush is an excellent addition.

In this article I will have a look at the clever design and share my practical experiences with the Grunge Brush.

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Cerabike Wax Lube – Long term review

Cerabike Wax Lube is a fairly unknown lube, compared to the big brands like Muc-Off, Rock ‘n Roll, Pedros, Finish Line, Squirt or Morgan Blue. A fellow cycling friend from the Nordics pointed me to Cerabike Wax Lube, a product for both dry and wet conditions, available via Decathlon and Amazon.

Very unique is the combination of PTFE, graphite and ceramics in the Cerabike Wax Lube. Also the fact that its suited for both dry and wet conditions raised my attention. There are not a lot of (english) reviews available online so let me share my thoughts and experiences.

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