Fibre Lyte Gear Mech Plate Shimano Dura Ace 9000

Fibre Lyte Gear Mech Plate is a cool tuning part, available for all major Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo rear-derailleurs. Gear Mech Plates from Fibre Lyte are available for road bikes and mountain bikes.

In this article I will show you the design and installation of the FL Gear Mech Plate for Shimano Dura Ace 9000 rear derailleur.

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Cocoon Grid-It Organizer – Multi function to the max

In this article I will share my thoughts on the Cocoon Grid-It Organizer that I use to organize important bike tools that I store in a set of BERA CLIC+ toolboxes It was the Velonews article “A look inside pro mechanics’ toolboxes” that pointed me to the Cocoon Grid-It Organizer following the footsteps of Joe Devera, mechanic of the team.

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Stahlwille 4008-1 Ratchet Screwdriver

In this article I will review the Stahlwille 4008 ratchet screwdriver in two lengths 4008-1 and 4008-2. Stahlwille is my preferred brand for torque tools (Stahlwille Manoskop) and 50-sersies 1/2″ sockets (12 tooth instead of hex shaped).

Stahlwille 4008-1 and 4008-2 ratchet screwdriver with 1/4″ bit holder will be compared with the various other screwdrivers with 1/4″ bit holder.

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Selle Italia X-LR Air Cross TM Superflow S Saddle

In this article I will review the Selle Italia X-LR Air Cross TM Superflow S saddle that I use on the Scott Scale 925. I changed the brown Syncros saddle with the Selle Italia because it is very close to the Fizik Arione Versus Braided saddle I’m riding on my Canyon Ultimate CF SLX road-bike.

The Air Cross Superflow in size S is a cyclocross specific saddle with a downward pointing saddle nose tip, that is also very applicable for cross-country mountain biking.

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Hope Tech Grip Doctor – Bar End protection

In this article I will write down my thoughts about the Hope Tech Grip Doctor Bar End Protection plugs – Made in Barnoldswick, England. Hope is a well known high quality brand in the cycling industry with a wide range of high quality aftermarket components and accessories.

Mountain bike handlebars for a 29-er tend to have an internal diameter of around 22 mm. and the plugs that came with the ESI silicone grips have damaged relatively fast. And personally I don’t like the ESI branding on the black and blue set-up of the Scott Scale 925.

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