Giro Monaco Cycling Gloves review

In this article I will review the Giro Monaco Cycling Gloves. These cycling gloves seem to have a good and all-round feature set for the highly interesting price-point of € 23,-.

Gloves are in addition to a helmet the very few protection items for road cyclists. So I’ll share my personal view on comfort and features.

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Giro Monaco Cycling Gloves

In the following two sections I will go over the design features of these Giro cycling gloves.

Hand back materials Giro Monaco cycling gloves

The hand back side of the Giro Monaco gloves is made from different stretchy types of fabric, that are highly breathable. The advantage is that it keeps your hands cool, but the fabric is also light, so you hardly notice it after 10 minutes.

On the half finger ends of the middle and ring finger there as a leather leash that helps you easily pull off the Giro cycling gloves. The thumb upper part is made from a soft material to wipe away sweat, if needed. The velcro closure is not special, but works well.

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Hand palm materials Giro Monaco cycling gloves

As you can see in the picture below padding is strategically placed on the palm-side of the glove.  Not just in the area where you grip on your handle bars, but also padding to relieve pressure on the ulnar nerve (and avoid numbness in your fingers)

The leather is soft and flexible, and very comfortable to wear also on long rides. The wedge shaped form near your wrist gives you extra leverage when putting on the Giro Monaco gloves.

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Concluding Thoughts and Wrap-up

Well-known helmet manufacturer Giro has a wide range of cycling clothing and cycling shoes. Gloves are, in addition to a helmet, the very few protection items for road cyclists.

Over the past years I used a couple of different brands and since you use the cycling gloves intensively they probably wear out at a relative fast rate. The Giro Monaco Cycling Gloves are comfortable and have a flexible soft leather inside, with strategically placed padding.

I’m purchased two pairs.

  • A black version which I use during rainy conditions. Only feedback that I can come up with is that during heavy rain the leather palm can become slippery, and give your hand the ability to move inside the glove.
  • The white Giro Monaco Gloves I tend to use in sunny conditions, and these perfectly match my Oakley Radar EV Path Prizm Road and Giro Synthe MIPS helmet.

For the bargain price-point of € 23,- it will be hard to find better gloves (and note even for this price you have 2 year warranty). 🙂

Please note that the article: “Giro Monaco Cycling Gloves review” was originally published on on 10-05-2020.

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