Cyclotech Endura Centerlock Disc Brake Rotor

In this article I will review the Cyclotech Endura Centerlock Disc Brake Rotor, which I’ve purchased through (together with Cyclotech Brake Pads and some small parts). I was tipped by this brand and local shop by long term cycling friend Philipp Gante.

Key features Cyclotech Endura Centerlock Disc Brake Rotor

On the product description page of the webshop you can read:

“The Cyclotech Endura Centerlock brake disc delivers excellent constant braking power due to its large braking surface. The edges are rounded according to UCI standards for the safety of you and your cycling buddies. There are 3 wear indicators in the braking surface and they flawlessly show when the discs need to be replaced. The hardened steel also provides an extremely durable disc brake rotor.

I’ve installed the Cyclotech Endura Disc Brake rotors on my new set of DT Swiss XM 1700 Spline wheels. The Centerlock interface makes that really easy with the 180 mm front disc rotor and the 160 mm rotor for the rear wheel disc brake.

As you can see in the picture the design is really great, the curves of the “spokes” from the black centerlock inner mount towards the outer part of the Endura Disc Brake Rotor is awesome. The Cyclotech branding is nicely done on one of these disc brake rotor “spokes”.

On the outside ring of the Cyclotech Endura Centerlock Disc Brake Rotor you can see three wear indicators (as black dots). These wear indicators are part of the Endura and Elite versions of Cyclotech disc brake rotors (mid and high end). For example the Shimano Deore XT M8100 disc brake rotors don’t have these wear indicators. So cool feature to have, and good to know when you need to replace the disc brake rotors.

According to the website the 180 mm disc comes at a weight of 181 grams, the 160 mm comes at a weight of 157 grams.

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

The Cyclotech Endura Centerlock Disc Brake rotors are good quality rotors for a very fair price. Well designed with hardened steel and the wear indicators make it a nice set of rotors. That’s why I’ve put these on the DT Swiss XM 1700 Spline wheels, going forward.

  • Centerlock compatible
  • UCI approved
  • Rounded safety edges
  • Wear indicators
  • Excellent consistent braking performance

The Cyclotech Endura Disc Brake rotors look better and perform better than the stock Shimano Disc Brake rotors on the Scott Scale 925. I might get me for comparison reasons a set of Shimano Deore XT M8100 Disc Brake Rotors, just to see if Shimano’s Ice-Tech Freeza heat management technology makes a difference. (The brake surface consists of 3 layers: 2 of stainless steel and 1 of aluminium.)

In the table below you see the price points of the different Cyclotech and Shimano Deore XT disc brake rotors. I can only say the the Cyclotech Disc Brake rotors are competitively priced, showing good value for money.

Cyclotech Endura – CYCLD102Centerlock180 mm€ 30,95
Cyclotech Endura – CYCLD101Centerlock160 mm€ 29,95
Cyclotech Elite FL – CYCLD202Centerlock180 mm€ 56,99
Cyclotech Elite FL – CYCLD201Centerlock160 mm€ 44,95
Shimano XT M8100 Disc Brake Rotor – RT-MT800Centerlock180 mm€ 43,95
Shimano XT M8100 Disc Brake Rotor – RT-MT800Centerlock160 mm€ 39,95
Cyclotech Prodisc Elite brake pads – CYCL418€ 16,95 is a local entrepreneur from a city close to my home. So I’m happy to support the local entrepreneurs and initiatives like this, and the service and insights you get from the team behind is very very good. You cannot go wrong with these disc brake rotors.

What Disc Brake rotors are you using !?

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  1. Yes … the review above made it onto the website. Check out the screenshot below.

    Cyclotech Enduro Centerlock Rotor - Hyperlink

    I hope there will become a Cyclotech Ninja Centerlock Rotor version available. Now there is only the 6 bolt version of the Ninja Disc Rotors.

    // Remo


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