Peaty’s x Chris King MK2 Tubeless Valves

In this article I will share my thoughts about the Peaty’s x Chris King MK2 Tubeless Valves that I run on the Syncros wheels and DT Swiss M1700 spline wheels with Tubeless Ready Vittoria tires on them. I will try to compare for a bit with DT Swiss Tubeless Valve for MTB and some more basic Hutchinson tubeless vales.

Key features Peaty’s x Chris King MK2 Tubeless Valves

The Scott Scale 925 came with a Syncros Tubeless Ready X-25 rims, but after I’ve changed the wrecked Syncros rim tape to DT Swiss Tubeless Ready Rim Tape I changed the more basic Hutchinson tubeless valves to the Peaty’s x Chris King MK2 Tubeless Valves in one go.

Let’s have a look at the key features from the Peaty’s MK2 product page:

  • Twelve Chris King Color Options
  • Spoke Key Cap
  • Valve Core Remover Cap
  • Made From 7075 Aluminium
  • Valve For Life Guarantee
  • Insert Compatible Base
  • Smoked Black Valve Core
  • 42mm, 60mm or 80mm Length
  • Replaceable Rubber Base
  • Fits All Tubeless Ready Rims

The most striking feature is “The King Lifetime Warranty” life time guarantee offered through the Peaty’s x Chris King collaboration. The Tubeless Valve is thoroughly build out of aluminum in a cool black finish that perfectly fits the Syncros X-25 rim.

Compared to the Hutchinson tubeless valve the Peaty’s x Chris King MK2 has a bigger lock nut that really ensures that the rubber o-ring is seals of the valve hole in the rim. The advantage is this bigger lock nut is that you can tighten it stronger, given the better grip.

A unique feature that I haven’t seen with other valves is the base with x-cut pattern.

“The addition of a unique four-way x-cut base to enables our valves to now work with all tyre inserts. The channels cut into the base of the valve allow air and sealant to pass through when inserts are pushed up against them. Unlike most other insert-compatible valves, our valves have a ‘straight-through’ design so there’s no reduction of sealant or air flow when tire inserts are not used.”

I’m not running tire inserts, but might want to try out somewhere during summer time. While I’m still wrapping my head around the functional benefits of the tire inserts, it is good to know that the Peaty’s x Chris King MK2 Tubeless Valve supports that scenario.

Finally every part can be replaced, so that will extend the lifetime of the MK2 tubeless valve even more. It is just like with the Sidi Wire shoes, where you can get spare heel cups, techno3 push laces and soft-step closures.

Peaty’s even offers the Peaty’s x Chris King Tubeless Valve Service Kit, that includes a set of o-rings, a set of valve cores and a set of wig shaped crush rubbers (where the base inserts into the rim).

The additional tools offered in the valve caps are nice to have, but more important is that the valve caps are also from aluminum.

Comparison Peaty’s x Chris King MK2 Tubeless Valve with DT Swiss Tubeless Valve for MTB

DT Swiss MTB tubeless valve with product# TVXXXXNVALVMS was delivered with the DT Swiss XM 1700 Spline wheels. What I really like is the same bigger locknut as the MK2 Tubeless Valves with more than sufficient leverage to tighten the o-rings onto the rim.

What I dislike is the cheap plastic valve cap. For a premium priced valve with a price-point of € 9,15 for the DT Swiss Tubeless Valve for MTB I would have expected an aluminum cap. Something similar as for example the Prototipo Works alloy valve caps. But for the premium price of the DT Swiss Tubeless Valve you get a free valve core remover. 🙂

The most striking difference however is the base of the valve. The rubber base of the DT Swiss has a flat elongated but rounded profile that will fit into the middle ridge of the tubeless rim. Jim from Jim The Bike Guy, a professional Cytech level 3 qualified bike mechanic, shared his preference of this type of tubeless valve at the YouTube video: “How To Fit Tubeless Tyres: Top Tips from a Pro Bike Mechanic

While I get the advantage it doesn’t support the MK2 valve claims like being tire insert compatible with the x-cut base, the service kits and the aluminum valve caps. Around the black Friday period I’ve purchased the Peaty’s x Chris King MK2 Tubeless Valves for € 19,95 which is just a tiny bit more expensive for a life time warranty and serviceable set of Tubeless Valves.

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

Chris King is a well known superb high quality brand for many years in the cycling history. I’ve used their nothreadset headset in the past and it simply kept working and working no matter what conditions you put your bike in.

Please note that I’m a happy user of the Peaty’s Holeshot Tubeless Puncture plugger kit. The Peaty’s x Chris King MK2 Tubeless Valves are not cheap, with a price point from € 20,00 – € 32,00. However given the quality and the service kits, this is probably the only tubeless valve you need to buy on the long run (and is cheaper in the long run as well). I have the same high quality and solid investment feeling as with my Sidi shoes !

What tubeless valves are you using on your mountain bike wheels ?

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