Brunox Deo for Suspension Forks and Dropper Post

When I got a Scott Scale 925 mountain bike with a Fox 32 allround cross country suspension fork, I purchased the Brunox Deo for suspension forks to keep the fork seals protected and the workhorse suspension fork operating smoothly in the muddy winter season (in the Netherlands).

I’ve added a Fox Transfer Dropper Post to the bike set-up and keep the sliding post operating smoothly as well with Brunox Deo für die Federgabel.

Key features Brunox Deo for suspension forks

In the technical data sheet you the following product description summarizes the key features of the Brunox Deo for suspension forks:

Brunox Deo for suspension forks is a high-quality universal spray for suspension fork maintenance.

It keeps seals supple, maintains and protects shock absorber joints and adjustment screws, and ensures adjustment knobs rotate easily. Cleans and seals crown, sliders and stanchions. Creeps under mineral-based dirt and dissolves tar effortlessly.

Displaces moisture, forms a transparent protective film, repels dirt, contains no silicone, PTFE and graphite. Makes everything mobile and frees seized bolts.

Technisches Datenblatt – BRUNOX® Deo FÜR DIE FEDERGABEL® – 160412_ EN.pdf – Google Drive

While the Brunox Deo looks like a mini-spray-can of silicone spray, the content is very different and contains no silicone, PFTE or graphite that you will find in various chain lubes (for example CeraBike Wax Lube) In the YouTube video below you will see the application of the fork legs above the seals (and not directly on the seals) to improve the sliding of the legs.

In concept it feels a bit like the WD40 product that protects from- and pushes out water while it also removes dirt and protects from corrosion. Here the Brunox Deo keeps the seals clean as well and I use it as well on the lockout crown of the Fox 32 suspension fork (and Fox Transfer Dropper Post).

Brunox Deo for Fox 32 suspension fork and Fox Transfer Dropper Post

However after I installed the Fox Transfer Dropper Post on the Scott Scale 925, I started applying Brunox Deo also on the “dropper post leg” a bit above the seal of the Fox Transfer (very similar to the Fox 32 suspension fork). The Fox Transfer Dropper Post is as much exposed to dirt and water as the the Fox 32 suspension fork, so it is a no-brainer to apply the Swiss made maintenance and protection product (especially during the autumn and winter months).

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

The price point of Brunox Deo für die Federgabel from the Swiss company Brunox AG is around € 7,00. This is not super cheap, but very reasonable if it protects the moving parts and seals from Fox 32 suspension fork and Fox Transfer Dropper Post.

Brunox AG is another great Swiss company with awesome maintenance products, just like Motorex that produces one of my favorite allround greases: Motorex Bike Grease 2000. Brunox has also an extensive product portfolio that stretches into different industries like food and security locks.

Other Brunox products that I would like to give a try is the Brunox Carbon Care and Brunox Bike Washer (to compare with the Morgan Blue Bike Wash)

  • What products do you use for suspension fork- and dropper post maintenance ?
  • Have you used any Brunox products before? And if so, which products did you use?

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