CeraBike Pedals & Cleats review

In this article I will share my thoughts and experience with CeraBike Pedals & Cleats that keeps my Speedplay Zero cleats lubricated and operating smoothly.

Perhaps you can recall my CeraBike Wax Lube review from 2016. After that CeraBike has significantly expanded their product portfolio.

CeraBike Pedals & Cleats

“CeraBike Pedals & Cleats is a synthetic emulsion that once applied to pedals and cleats, dries quickly creating a dry and protective layer, which permits prolonging the life of our equipment. By incorporating PTFE, the friction on the metal parts with rubbing and the accumulation of dirt is reduced, allowing the correct lubrication and smooth operation of our pedals. It also facilitates the entry and exit of the shoes in the cleats.”

Speedplay Zero pedals are known for a little bit more maintenance compared to Shimano Dura Ace SPD pedals, however I’m riding Speedplay Zero pedals for more than 15 years. Lubrication of the pedal cleats is important, since I get frustrated to have those squeezy noises on the bike with every crank-rotation you make.

I apply roughly every two or three weeks, a little bit of the CeraBike Pedals & Cleats lube on the metal O-ring of the Speedplay Zero cleats. The lubricant is white and milky, just like the CeraBike Wax Lube. If you apply to much of the Pedals & Cleats lube, you will get a grey film on your pedals, so I clean off the excessive lube.

A new bottle nozzle on CeraBike Pedals & Cleats

The Pedals & Cleats bottle has a different nozzle tip (compared to the Wax Lube bottle). You can’t screw off the bottle cap completely, but it you simply turn the cap 90-180 degrees to open the bottle a little. The nozzle tip diameter of the opening is about 2 mm so the amount of Pedals and Cleats lube you apply is more, compared to for example a spray can of WD40 or even the smaller nozzle-diameter of CeraBike Wax Lube. I would prefer a smaller nozzle tip like the Smoove Lube bottle, because you can apply the lube more accurately.

CeraBike versus Finish Line Lubes

When I reviewed the CeraBike Wax Lube back in 2016, this was their primary product. In 4 years time the product portfolio has expanded with a CeraBike Dry Lube, a CeraBike Wet Lube, Pedals & Cleats and even reflective spray so you will be noticed in low-light scenarios.

Major lube brand Finish Line (and also Muc-Off) have Dry and Wet Lubes in their respective portfolios. So having a similar product portfolio means that CeraBike can expand its market outside of Europe and enter the USA market for example.

So CeraBike is expanding in product and market combinations. 🙂

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

CeraBike Pedals & Cleats is a good quality lube for my Speedplay Zero cleats. The price point is friendly with € 6,99 for 50 ml of CeraBike Pedals & Cleats lube.

Personally it is way better than WD40 in a spray can or other multi sprays. I don’t have lab-data but it feels like it lasts longer, without the squeezy noises.

What lubrication do you use for your cleats ?

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